Analysis of the Technical Document

The letter is supposed to be official and thus needs to be written in a professional format. However, the letter is written using an informal format. This is indicated by the letter having one address instead of two as expected of an official letter. Moreover, the letter has not been signed off above the writer's name at the end.

In his introductory paragraph, the writer goes through the unnecessary details of explaining what he was doing when he came across the advertisement. He should have just stated his knowledge of the vacant position and his desire to be considered for the post.

The document includes the writer's narration in one paragraph rather than having distinct paragraphs for each fact he wishes to bring to the recipient's attention. His failure to organize his work properly could lead the recipient to overlook some key strength he might have indicated in his writing.

The author does not provide complete personal and work information and instead, he tells the recipient to contact him for this information. The author should include this information in his resume and not have his potential employer go seeking for these details from him. This creates a negative impression about the writer and an assumption that the writer is not organized. His interaction with the recipient through the letter does not show appreciation of the seniority that the recipient has over him.

However, the author of the document gives adequate information pointing to the experience and knowledge he has of the job. He also goes on to bring his personal attributes that will help him in effectively executing the tasks that come with the job. Despite the aforementioned weaknesses in the document, the writer has expressed himself adequately.