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The topic of this research is the possible connection between the use of cell phones and the risks of developing brain cancer. The modern world promotes scientific and technical development at all levels. Moreover, modern life, whether it is business or social interactions, makes people use various devices if they want to have a comfortable life and follow all trends. Real-life is overwhelmed with various technical discoveries; people are surrounded by tools that make their everyday life more convenient and digital. Nevertheless, every new possibility leads to a new responsibility. Nowadays, many diseases are caused by the way of life people lead. Numerous illnesses have appeared as the result of humanity’s activity and its influence on the environment. For example, different types of cancer have been discovered, while their emergence has been attributed to the influence of technical devices on the human body. An ordinary person cannot imagine their life without a cell phone because it has become an inseparable part of their daily routines. Certainly, cell phones advantages are numerous since it saves peoples time, helps maintain close connections with friends and family, and helps arrange all things without any need to leave the place of living or working. At the same time, some studies and researchers argue the safety of cell phones. Many scientists see the connection between their use and the risks of developing brain cancer. Nevertheless, some studies are controversial because a rather long time is needed to make all necessary experiments and process all data. This issue is worth studying because the usage of cell phones only increases, especially among young people and children. Consequently, to escape the unfavourable effects that cell phones may cause, it is better to be aware of all dangers of their use.

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Conducted Researches

Many types of research have been conducted since 1970 to study the causes of brain cancer and the risk that leads to its development. Thus, all studies regarding the use of cell phones and their connection to brain cancer take at least a decade to obtain reliable results and make some conclusions. According to the latest results of the research, conducted by the National Toxicology Program, the connection between heavy cell phone use and brain tumour has been found (Interlandi, 2016). The study was conducted on rats that had experienced exposure to the same type of radiation that cell phones emitted (Interlandi, 2016). The experiment involved more than 2,500 rodents for two years. These rats had been subjected to radiation for nine hours every day, and the results demonstrated the appearance of two kinds of tumour. The same types of tumour were found in humans earlier, which allowed linking the usage of cell phones to brain cancer.

Another study involved approximately one million people and it was conducted worldwide, combining three types of research. The first two were made in France and Sweden, and the third one involved people from 13 countries (Interlandi, 2016). The results of the study demonstrated the link between heavy cell phone users and the emergence of brain tumours. Moreover, the appeared tumours were detected as cancerous and deadly in most cases. One of the most frequent types of tumour is glioma. People, diagnosed with this type of brain cancer, appeared to be heavy cell phone users. According to the results of the research, people who use cell phones are 30% more likely to get glioma in comparison with non-users of mobile phones. Also, those who use cell phones for more than 25 years have a three times higher risk of developing such a tumour (National Cancer Institute, 2016). Moreover, the journal Surgical Neurology has published a review of epidemiologic studies that have shown that people, who have used cell phones for more than 10 years, risk developing brain tumours on the very side of the head where they prefer holding their phones (Mercola, 2015). Therefore, there is a link between cell phones usage and some types of brain tumours such as glioma.

Another group of people at cancer risk that deserves the attention of researchers is children. Unfortunately, there are no many studies about the influence of cell phones on children’s health. Since the child’s brain is in the process of development, the effect of mobile phone usage may differ. Mobi-Kids, an international case-controlling study, was performed in Spain, involving more than 2,000 young people aged 14-24 (Storrs, 2015). The researchers still expect the results that will be released after publishing the study report.

However, some studies claim that there is no evident connection between brain cancer and the heavy use of cell phones. For example, the research, which is a part of the Million Women Study involving approximately 790,000 women, has found no connection between any kinds of brain cancer and mobile phone usage (Cancer Research UK, n.d.). The main argument here is that the research takes a very long time to be conducted. Therefore, there is no evident link between brain tumours and cell phones (Peres, 2011). While there are no proven results, most scientists and researchers warn that cell phones are cancer-causing agents.

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Precautionary Measures

The radio waves emitted by mobile phones may be the reason for the development of brain tumours. Consequently, some measures should be taken to avoid or minimize this risk. The main rule is to reduce speaking on the cell phone to a minimum (Mercola, 2015). The fewer people contact the radio waves, the less likely they are to be affected by them. People should avoid carrying their cell phones in their pockets or anywhere where they are too close to the body. The best place for cell phones in a bag. Moreover, it is not recommended to keep a cell phone near the pillow while sleeping. Making short calls also may reduce the risks of developing brain cancer (Cancer Research UK, n.d.). Another precautionary measure is to reduce the usage of cell phones by children. For their developing brains, the effect of cell phones may be dangerous, and no one can predict the results of their constant. Another way to escape dangerous radiation emitted by cell phones is texting instead of talking (Storrs, 2015). Thus, the fewer people use their cell phones, the less they are at the risk of having brain cancers in the future.

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Difficulties of the Policy Implementation

Appropriate policies for cell phone manufacturers are among the measures that can help bring people to realize the connection between cell phones and brain tumours. For example, companies that make mobile phones must warn consumers about the risks of brain cancer. Nevertheless, this policy could be difficult to implement due to manufactures interest in the high profits from selling their products. Consequently, big companies may deny the cancerous effect of cell phones in order not to lose their position on the market. Moreover, some cultural factors may prevent the policy concerning the safe usage of cell phones from implementation. Thus, various fashion trends are among them. People are surrounded by different advertisements that promote the use of mobile phones. Therefore, most people do not realize their possible dangers because they are not mentioned in advertisements.

To conclude, different researches have been held to prove the connection between heavy cell phone usage and brain cancers. According to the results of the study of radiation effect on trial rats, one should say that there is a link between cell phone usage and brain tumours. Glioma is the most frequent of brain cancer. In most cases, it leads to death. However, some researchers and scientists are not convinced of the cancerous effect of cell phones. Thus, the results of the Million Women study show no link between mobile phones and brain cancer. One more research, which is important in the process of studying the effect of cell phones, is Mobi-Kids. This study deals with the influence of the usage of cell phones on young peoples health. Moreover, cell phones have been admitted as carcinogenic agent. Therefore, some precautionary measures are worth following to avoid the risks of developing brain cancers. To minimize this risk people should reduce the usage of their cell phones. It is important to remember not to carry cell phones in the pocket or hold it near the pillow while sleeping. Thus, the best place for them is the bag.

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One more essential thing to remember is to reduce children’s contacts with their mobile phones to a minimum. Nobody can predict the consequences of their use as children’s brains are in the process of developing. Finally, there is a necessity to inform people about the potential dangers of cell phone usage and its connection with the risks of brain cancers. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of mobile phones as well as sellers are more likely to reject this link. The cause lies in the companies interest in the high level of production and selling of their product. Finally, modern fashion trends promote the usage of cell phones.

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