The story in the article under research narrates how a successful investigative journalist and international correspondent Nicholas Gage appreciates his teacher. The article reveals how Gage escaped from the iron hands of communist guerrillas who caused havoc to his village and fled to the United States. When Nicholas arrived in the United States, he was angry at his father who could not extract the whole family from Greece. He partly blamed his father for his mother's death. The communists killed Nicholas' mother for helping them escape. Life in America proved difficult; at school the administration placed Nicholas with mentally retarded children because he could not speak English.

Finally, he joined Chandler Junior High; there he met Miss Hurd due to a journalism club. Gage wrote this article to honor Hurd for inspiring his life. Miss Hurd was harsh, yet loving to Nicholas. She grilled him through English classes until he became conversant with the English language. A piece of homework given by Miss Hurd initiated Nicholas' turning point. In that homework, Miss Hurd instructed Nicholas to write about his family experience in Greece. He wrote a masterpiece that won him an award from the Freedom Foundation, despite that being a challenging task. The attention attracted by the article inspired Nicholas to continue writing. Other writings received recognitions from famous people including President John F. Kennedy. Later, he wrote the story of his mother's devotion to their survival, which inspired President Reagan to secure an arms agreement for children in the world. Gage entered high school and earned his degree through part time jobs in journalism. Miss Hurd remained a pillar of support in Nicholas' life, attending his graduation, wedding and other family functions. Nicholas owes his success to Miss Hurd who compelled him to worked had to achieve his dreams.