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Companies develop strategies that create high propensities for increasing profits and their customer base. These revolve around numerous means of capturing the attention, trends and demands of the customers of the goods or services. Numerous companies in the US have expanded to expose their goods and services to a vast number of population. This has even gone to international levels. Furthermore, companies have rebranded their trademarks and traded them for more profitable and populous brand names. Some corporations have merged with other enterprises to complement each other in order to make more profits than they would individually. On the other hand, some companies have acquired other businesses and made them their own in a bid to expand. However, a faction of corporations have opted to stay local and move on as a single unit as they are focused on stabilizing their current strengths without numerous risks. These managerial decisions are evident in numerous companies, and this essay will analyze some of them.

American Airlines

The American Airlines groups is just but one of the numerous airline mergers within the US. The companies involved in this merger were the AMR Corporation and the US Airlines Group. These two companies are still in the process of merging their two companies having just concluded the legal proceedings. They have consolidated form the largest airline in the world, quiet a statement to make from two recently average and even below average airlines. The AMR Corporation was in the process of filing for bankruptcy following the incessant reporting of losses of up to $12 billion for the past decade (Filings & Forms, n.d.). To save itself from creditors, AMR Corporation subscribed to Chapter 11 enabling the chance for restructuring the company to make it profitable once more. US Airlines Group, having been the fifth largest airline within the US and in the process of looking for a company to merge with, had landed the opportune moment (Carey & Gleason, 2013).

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The challenges of merging companies become strenuous; even after the completion of the legal proceeding they can lead to crippling of the whole process. The integration and synchronization of operations and the attaining the projected synergies will have numerous huddles. As much as the profitability of the company is to increase, the impact of the substantial losses it had in the past might suffice in the future. Furthermore, increase in the amount of financing for operations with reduced financing with highly fluctuating rates is a looming problem. Extensive government regulation accompanied with the subsequent heavy taxation is bent to cripple operations that will also have limitations to the utilization of certain tax features that might benefit the company financially. Not to mention the reduced competition that increases monopoly of the market, thus enabling the onset of a price war.

This price war is the reason behind the increased share price of American Airlines as the merger because it enables them to raise prices for tickets. The crumbs of such a war eventually fall to discount airlines that benefit by having the customers flooding their airlines. This merger led to the massive loss of investors as the share price of the two companies was different, with US Airlines topping AMR Corporation. However, the progress of the share price is promising as the investors are already realizing an increase in stock price. The positive side of this merger is that the employees are in full support of the ongoing process of synergism. This was courtesy of US Airways CEO scoring a deal with the three key USA unions (Carey & Gleason, 2013). The creditors also pressed AMRs president to look for a merger as the bankruptcy would have led to sizeable losses.

Therefore, the merging of these two companies was a commendable idea as US Airlines saved its counterpart from bankruptcy while it gained a significant customer base and higher ranking. So far, the companies have registered remarkable financial results, and the feared negative outcome is yet to be realized thus making it insignificant for the moment.

Kohls Corporation

Kohls Corporation is one the largest retail stores within the United States; however, it lacks the potential to beat other stores in the region to be at the top. Walmart, Costco, Target and BestBuy have advantages that Kohl has not thought of exploiting too. From a distance, the corporation seems to be playing it safe with its market. However, recent share price drops should startle the management to look for ways to revolutionize operations in its entirety. The company has 1,158 stores all over the country, but its competitors best it at getting their common consumers.

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The problems stem from minor issues within the management that are synonymous with every Kohls store despite its existence in the market since 1946. This makes a commendable candidate for merging. Kohls net income fell by 18% reducing its revenue to $ 4.44 billion over the 3rd quarter (Filings & Forms, n.d.). This is unlike most of its competitors who registered remarkable profits over the holiday season. The company has problems with its display of goods, with less advanced service and cluttered shelves. Furthermore, customers complain of the limited presences of goods with notable brand names and middle class priced goods. The numerous customer complaints are gradually making the company lose its customer base (Mogus, 2006).

Given Kohls current situation, it would suite best for a merger with a company such as Target that is itself in the process of expanding. Target has a higher market share than Kohls. Furthermore, it has business level strategies that ensure the proper display of goods and services as per the regional requirements of the customers – this would solve most of Kohls customers complaints. These two corporations have employees with considerable cultural relations and similar requirements; thus, the synergy would be relatively swift as compared to that of airlines. Target, which has subsidiaries only in Canada apart from the US, will help Kohls develop in other countries at a similar rate as they will both be beginning to explore the international market. This merger of Kohls with (or its acquisition by)Target would significantly increase its profitability.

International Business-Level and International Corporate-Level Strategies of American Airlines Group

The international business-level strategies of the American Airlines Group involve the maximization of services differentiation . This is being accomplished by settling with the various unions within the newly formed companies. This makes the satisfied staff work optimally to thus give customers the premier service they require. This differentiation of the service the airline provides is courtesy of the sufficient staffing; the airline has over 100,000 employees. This makes them efficient and effective in their various roles with minimal operating costs or temporal delays.

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The international corporate level strategy of the company includes the hastened complete synergy of all systems and departments of the company. This will enhance operations as management will fall under one board. The ongoing synchronization presents management with numerous challenges. Different companies had their own managers with various managerial methods. This delays the fruition of the benefits of the merger as the corporations still operate as two different businesses with different visions and objective. This also involves acquiring of a fleet of new aircraft, both narrow and wide-bodied, taking on new routes and accommodating the projected high customer turnout.

The international business-level strategies require a combination of differentiation and cost leadership in order to ensure the maintenance of stock price at high levels. This is because the price wars with discount airlines will result in the loss of customers as competition is also low after the mergence. Reducing ticket prices at the cost of redundant costs will aid in increasing revenue and build up a sizeable customer base.

The international corporate level strategies are sufficient for the current situation in which the merger is barely a month old. However, after the complete synergy of the two companies, it will be necessary to develop international corporate level strategies that will eke the building of the new brand name. Furthermore, the significant losses that AMR faced prior to its emergence from Chapter 11 should be compensated before their ripple effect comes along later and cripples operation within the merger.

Recommended Strategies for Kohls Corporation

Differentiation of goods and services is of vital significance in Kohls Stores. This is a business-level strategy where management acquires goods and services that are relevant and special to the customer. Such include brand names and exclusive or premium services. This would aid in the customers acceptance of the high-priced goods within the stores.

Kohls Corporation has to take on corporate-level strategies that enable the store to be as convenient and advanced as other stores within it vicinity. The categorizing of goods within Kohls stores should be done impeccably with discernible order. This will be according to managerial needs. This will go a long way in improving customers experience within Kohls store. Currently, customers complain all around Kohls stores about their shady d?cor and disorganized stores. A full renovation and arrangement should be a priority in their corporate level strategies.

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