Apple is one of the most developed and successful corporations in modern world. Its success depends greatly on companys attitude to employees and between employees; cooperation with suppliers; ethical communication with its customers and meeting all their demands. Apple developed the code of ethics where it describes basic statements that should be performed for providing effective and, at the same time, ethical and honest policy, which will protect interests of all parties involved in companys business.

Information about the Company and Its Mission

Apple is an international corporation created in the USA. The company develops design, manufactures and presents to customers computer software, hardware and electronics. Also, Apple offers support to its customers. A lot of people consider Apple as the most successful electronic corporation. More than 72,000 people work for them. Apple is a public trading corporation, which has the biggest market capitalization in the world with the revenue over $156,000 billion and profit of about $41,000 billion (Jurevicius, 2013). Mission of the company is rather unusual, because it looks like a list of offered production, but not description of companys philosophy and values, or attitude to its employees and customers. The company just made a description of its main products (computers, professional software and phones). However, the companys vision statement is more suitable for the role of mission. In this statement, it is said that the corporation makes everything possible for providing the best production to its customers all over the world. In this statement Apple describes its target population and main intends of the company.

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Companys Code of Ethics and Its Application

In companys code of ethics, Apple stated the basic requirements for honest and respectful performing of activities by all employees. So, the corporation stated the moral obligation of workers to perform their duties in a special manner. Also, the company oblige its employees correspond to local laws and regulations. So, it could be stated that Apple has a duty-driven legal ethics.

Code of ethics stated demands of the organization to its employees, managers, head managers and suppliers. It describes main directions of the organization and actions, which should or should not be performed.

Apple is a multinational organization and its code of ethics is applicable to all its divisions and suppliers all over the world. The company makes all efforts to perform an ethical, honest business that will meet all regulations and laws.

Apple develops and manufactures new products and technologies as well as offers services of the highest quality. This is obtained by close interaction of various directions. Representatives of the company (directors, managers and common employees) have to work according to ethical standards stated by the organization. All the actions of the organizations towards it workers, suppliers and customers should be respective. Apple, as the leading innovative company in computer and phone technologies, protects its assets and property by implementation a policy of confidence. Also, as it was stated above, Apple is an international company that is located in different countries all over the world. Its activities should correspond to all laws and regulations (Johnson-Bryant, n.d.).

All the employees, managers and directors should be directed by ethical statements of the company in their everyday work and in unusual situations. Ethical standards represent a set of main principles of work in the company and if somebody will not keep to these principles, he or she could be dismissed.

All of the standards are applicable to all levels of employees from directors to common workers, and it is hard to divide them into separate groups. However, below is given stypical requirements to employees, managers and directors.

Employees should strictly observe laws and regulation of the country where they work. Apple protects their rights of safe working place and adequate salaries, and workers should protect confident information of the company and should not use its assets for their private purposes. Ethics and respect are the main principles of Apple. So, workers should treat each other, managers, suppliers and customers in the most respective, considerate and polite manner.

Managers should observe performance of employees activities in their compliance to state laws and regulations, and not violate these laws and regulations by themselves. The main aim of managers is to organize a working process in such a manner, so employees can work effectively and efficiently and not to violate companys requirements. Managers should strictly protect companys private information and not use it for obtaining personal benefit. Managers should respect workers, their rights and their opinions, because workers are the main force of the company and, at the same time, provide all necessary facilities for training and education of personnel for its future development and self-improvement. Additionally, they have to pay much attention to discipline, because without it employees will not work effectively and efficiently.

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Directors, developing various strategies and implementing them into real life, should strictly observe laws of the country of their business. No any private interest of director should over cross with the interest of the company. This also concerns the use of private companys information for personal purposes. Companys information should remain confident until the company decided to open it to public. All the companys actions should be directed on improvement of safety of employees and adequate payment for their work. Nowadays, much attention is paid to environmental protection. Apple is not exclusion. Its directors should pay much attention to environment and eliminating any activities that could harm it.

So, code of ethics of Apple is fully directed on support and provision of basic strategies of the company and on performance of honest, respectful, confident business according to governmental laws and regulations.


Code of ethics is very comprehensive. It is mostly directed in outer relationships of the company: on its interaction with governments and compliance to local rules and regulations; on respectful attitude to customers and suppliers. If I was a CEO, I would make this code of ethics more inside directed. It should provide more privileges to employees who reflect their initiatives and ideas towards directions and activities of the corporation. Common employees know their work and could propose new ways of its improvement. Communication between various levels of employees will help managers and directors better understand their needs, and will implement projects on making work safer and increase productivity. Initiatives of employees should be highly appreciated.

Organizational Culture and Reaction on Code of Ethics

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Culture of organization and its code of ethics are closely linked. Culture of workers determines their actions in situations with ethical dilemmas. Ethical standards of workers are the background of their decisions and activates. Organization culture is a foundation of communication between workers, between different levels of employees and their interaction with customers. Accordingly, high level of organizational culture is extremely necessary for respectful attitude not only inside of corporation, but also to its customers.

Code of ethics established by Apple protects and observes rights of employees, the company, suppliers, customers and governments. This code has the aim to protect everybodys interests, providing honest and respectful attitude. So, employees and managers should not have any considerable difficulties based on misunderstanding and unwillingness to accept this code. Workers should make everything possible to observe regulations of the company and of the government; since they understand that these regulations are extremely necessary for performing effective policy of Apple and obtaining considerable results. Reaction of managers also should be positive, because they are interested in implementation and observation of high quality standards of corporation; moreover, ethical attitude of others (employees and customers) and future development of their company depends on their work. Apple became one of the biggest world corporations, because it respects rights and wishes of all concerned parties.

The code states basic ethical requirements to employees. It describes rules that are obligatory. Also, it shows directions of activities, which should be performed for securing rights and lives of workers, meeting demands of customers and providing them the best services and protection of companys property. The code of ethics has considerable positive effect as it thoroughly describes high ethical standards of performing companys business (both inside and outside the company), which are foundation long-term success.

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Above are stated the main ethical statements of Apple, which reflect principles of business strategy: honesty, respect, confidentiality and compliance. Code of ethics provides statements that are obligatory for all its employees, managers and directors for successful interaction inside the company and communication with suppliers and customers. This code can be supplemented by principles, which would state closer cooperation between various levels of employees and free expressing of ideas of common workers. Even in the present form, this code is a strong foundation of Apples work and future success

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