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The duty of the Biddleville Healthy Homes Project is to distribute suitable and helpful information concerning malaria in order to teach and empower parents, children, and other members of the society. In addition, our agenda will carry out helpful services, carry out malaria associated investigation, and suggest enlightening activities to improve efficiency and excellence in life for children with malaria.

In order to achieve this, program has the following set goals;

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Goal One:

To make sure the successful management of malaria amid children aged between 1 to 5 years in the Biddleville society by encouraging a corporation amongst parents, children, doctors, and other health specialists by making use of major prevention approaches and learning activities.

Process objectives:

  • 40 household having a child with malaria in the Biddleville area will participate in the rally organized and scheduled on May 30, 2013.
  • The related experts will take part in the seminar and through this; they will issue out Malaria Action Plans to the people and the children who will manage to attend the rally on malaria awareness.

Findings of the objectives:

  • Both kids and parents of the children under the age of five with a related case of malaria will turn out to gets more information on how to use mosquito nets in the right and suitable way after course participation.
  • Raise the particular some of the parents, kids, and school administrator who employ the Malaria Action Plan.
  • Build more malaria learning intuitions in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.
  • To build more hospitals so as to reach the growing population of the children under this age of study.

Goal Two:

To train parents, kids, and educational representatives on ways to categorize malaria cause (such as allergens and irritant both at home, institutions l, and external surroundings to cut down cases of malaria attack.

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Process objectives:

  • To enhance awareness of malaria causes by giving out instruction pamphlets which has information in the house, school, and outside to decrease contact.
  • To pay visits to these homes, and give the necessary assistance to the children such as giving them food, clothes, advice, playing, and medication..

Outcome objectives:

  • More than 40 people having malaria will have improved consciousness of ordinary cause and prevention of malaria.
  • To provide food and clothing for these children and healthy homes

Goal Three:

  • To reduce the number of mortality rate in the community, especially for five years old and below children with malaria.
  • To reduce the mortality rate of the mother when pregnant, and during childbirth because of malaria.

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  • Research in each of some homes that have children under the age of five, and are vulnerable to malaria in the Biddleville society and make use of the Malaria Home Environment Checklist help at home examinations and teach participants on how to know the signs and symptoms of malaria among the children under the age of five.
  • To distribute free nets and malaria medicine to the children under the age of five and the pregnant mothers.
  • To give nutritional advice on how to increase the children’s immunity at an early age;

Outcome Objective:

  • When the program comes to the stop, at least 96% of the people who took part can be in a position to know the early signs and symptoms related to malaria that affect children with 5 years and below.
  • The  cases of malaria-related disease to both children under the age of five will eventually go down as many of the parents and guardians will be aware of how to prevent malaria. This is enhanced through giving free mosquito nets, and providing good nutritional value.
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