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Obama came up with a way to solve health problems that affect the states. The administration proposed on the extension of the healthcare connections and Medical aid to spread all over the states and internationally. They emphasized on the security of the patient and the costs of care. The congress acknowledged the Obama care, which suggested that the states would have to construct and manage exchanges, and that way they need to extend the medical aid. The Supreme Court, termed this suggestion as voluntary, this raised worries on the new troubles in terms of the expenses, management, and coverage in the two parties of exchange. Since that will be an extra expense and plan, in which the government needs to conduct a lot of research to come up with the possible problems and solution before the implementation of the new program (Ross, 2010). Therefore, a lot of research and consultation has been carried out concerning the expenses that will be incurred, how there will be the management, how far the coverage will go, and how the implementation will be

Starting with the cost of the whole plan, It was proposed that the cost of the health care exchanges would be from PPACA grants which would be used to implement it, but the federal government policy business enterprises such as the Medicaid and the states Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). There are chances that the influx of money to the government will not be adequate to implement and sustain this (Gratzer, 2009). The research shows that by, the beginning of 2015, a government implementation of an exchange has to create its own source of revenue to finance the exchange throughout the year. However, the announcement made from the HHs that it would give a three point five percent managerial charge on treatment made through the government management exchanges show that there is an important expense to the state if it accepts to have its own exchange.

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The Maryland proposed to the government that the government’s administrator and lawmaking current taxes and money to finance its government exchange (Gratzer, 2009). It gave a report of the expenses was $ 201 per enrollee and will decrease to $ 152 per enrollee by 2017. Centrally, the application of 3.5 % by HHS will be $2,770 state coverage per – capita premium for all the business groups and person main medical insurance that was purchased in 2011 gives a projected yearly managerial cost for the exchanges of about $ 97 per person. The more it goes up the more it reflects systematic and comprehensive task by the government much committed to establishing the Obama care exchange.

Concerning the expenses to be expected, a research was conducted, and some of these researchers disagree that the government ought to come up with exchanges as a way to continue managing their markets. Though it matters less, if obstructed by national law, the government will have to control insurers despite who manages the exchange. It can as well control exchange “guides” through government qualified licensure law to make sure that a level playing field with accessible assurance representatives, despite who manages the exchange. In addition, set of laws propagate by HHS permit states no significant flexibility or benefit by managing their personal exchanges, compared to a national exchange. Those governments would only be acting as dealers to HHS.

Some proponents suggest that the exchange is vital to increasing the coverage. However, the rules created a national default for the government failing to establish these exchanges. Hence, the blame moves to the national government. Having most Americans still opposing to the rules instead of supporting it, the numerous technological challenges to the accomplishment, and huge and doubtful prospect expenses, there is an important danger that the law might discover, or even fail, prior to completely taking outcome. Given that those predictions, claim that concur with the management exchanges might encounter a major argument from the disappointment at the national l level more beyond control. As an alternative, a state ought to center on coming up with a practical market for the people in the process of the law breaking down.

On hand the Medicaid Expansion is cost the researchers say that the expenses of the Medicaid extension would be by the national government that reality still the same and to begin with, the advanced battle is just for the increased population, which is not in the Medicaid Population. Moreover, it does not deal with the administrative expenses that sum up to the five percent to help in the payments (Gratzer, 2009). Therefore, the whole percentage added that go hand in hand with it is not permanent, with the government taking around 10% of the expenses in the year 2020 and later. Sometimes when the Medicaid is already overpowering the present budget of the state, it then could be responding productively for the nation, and that it will be willing respond to the responsibility and the needs of the growing population. Moreover, the many other expenses force the government to consider when trying evaluating the development. Firstly, it needs to focus on the increased admission among the non-expansion community as the policy increases eligibly by varying how the outcome is weighed and corrals those that are appropriate, and not those admitted in the program.

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The second thing to be put into consideration is that, the government should be ready t encounter the force coming from hospitals to backfill $ 18 billion in the national payment charges for the uninsured caring. Then the PPACA raises the Medicaid payment for the basic care doctors of the Medicaid level, with the government financing the differences but just for two years. The moment the government funding expires, the state will encounter the problem to sustain those levels and to extend the payments to the doctors accepting Medicaid. In addition, despite the HHS’s asserting to have remained away from the past suggestions to move the Medicaid financing to be a combined rate, the economic challenges that face Medicaid both at the nation and government level create the future adjustments of the economy to the Medicaid to be inevitable.

Concerning the control and management, the HHS Secretary has advertised giving flexibility to the government; policy and the HHS rules give it no important policy judgment. Especially the policy expands the maintenance of the attempt (MOE) limitation from the incentive policy that hinders the state from making the main alterations to the Medicaid programs. More so the recent HHS choice to get rid of any possibility of the expansion of the state’s Medicaid plan short of 138% of the national poverty level (NPL) shows that flexibility was not possible. On the coverage issue, this is with the exchanges, proponents emphasize that the significance of the Medicaid in extending the coverage (Tate, 2012). Unlike the government’s failure to exchange, there is no failure of payment to the Medicaid expansion. Nevertheless, instead of putting most people in the broken plan, the states need to focus on the upgrading of the present plan and build up a sustainable way that addresses the needs of the growing population.

After the supremacy court’s decision on the ACA, the United States has been fighting with the options the court gave whether to take part in the Medicaid expansion and responsibilities to all mature people which have family income below 138% of the state’s poverty line. Even though the Medicaid had already enacted this in the year 1965, whereby about 9 states could not take part in the deal up to 1070 or even sometimes later, and so it spent almost 20 years before tender joined. An individual can just guess and wonder about if that history is all yet to recur with the assurance of the millions of the people and the misfortune of the ACA in between the balance. In the Los Angeles Times: it shows that $1,079.28 number of reasons to embarrass the Obamacare. In December, a person was with great pain and the doctor did not attend to her immediately, and since she did not have any experience in it, she went straight to the emergency room, which increased the bill and hopes for the Medicaid to help her.

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The Health Policy Solutions in the country expects to gain favor from the new policy of the health care services offered. The Coloradans who stay in the countryside encounter many challenges in get to the health centers as opposed to the people in the towns. Therefore, the people at Colorado will have gotten a place to go. The Colorado Coalition or the medically challenged people will be able to have a good access to this health care and since there will be the insurance cover for medical. In the Washington Post about health, the United States appears not at the top in the ranking; it shows that things will be changing in the coming years that the Americans are the worst in the health, sincerely. Anybody who has an interest in the medical care services needs to know the findings of the many reports from the state’s research council, and so the institute of the medicine, that is in comparison with the Americans growing medical problems, as opposed to other nations (Tate, 2012). Having spent 18 months evaluating the statistics and the researches, the panel is come to a conclusion.

In the New York Times, the report shows how the government is trying to get new business models for the medical care, most of the inventors are busy searching for alternative industries, the ones that give the good quality services at lower cost. In the article from the New Yorker, for instance, Atul Gawande proposes that the Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain having a large size and being in management and responsible to for the clients understanding, it can be the best example for models for these medical cares. However, that was not strange as it may look; the globe’s biggest supplier of eye care has found a way by adapting the practices of the other big box food brand, the one that does not relate to the good health. Many people such as Gov. Jerry Brown have given his support for the idea of increasing Medi-Cal, the health cover plan for poor Californians.

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Therefore, in summary the Americans have fond the suggestion of the Obamacare to be a good idea since it will touch the lives of many people all over the world. The low-income earners and those at the village will be able to access these medical services at a cheaper cost as well as with quality care. This is because of the expansion of the medical care and the qualified doctors from all over the world. The Americans and other nations that will benefit from what the Federal government of America and the president has implemented and that they will have a reason to smile.

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