Communication Breakdown

Having certain perceptions about other people can hinder communication process. In a certain discussion forum that I attended, people got a chance to contribute to the topic discussion. The topic was crucial to the people at the forum, because it was an examinable topic, and those in attendance were students awaiting examinations. When one member of the discussion was contributing, I experienced communication breakdown. I noticed this, because I did not remember what he had said after the discussion. The presenter was a classmate who was extremely active in class. Most of the students, including me, disliked him because he thought he knew everything. During the discussion, I perceived him not to be a credible source worth listening to and, therefore, switched off from active listening during his presentation.

Production blocking can dilute the importance of brainstorming by preventing some members of a group from contributing (Correll, 2004). While members wait to contribute, they may forget the ideas or label them obsolete. The best method to cure production blocking is to lay down rules to govern the brainstorming process (Correll, 2004). The rules should limit judgment of ideas upon presentation and encourage ideas to generate more ideas through other members' contribution. Moreover, the rules should encourage members to think along conflicting perspectives, which creates room for debate. These rules will allow ideas from all members to be listed down before discussing and judging them.

Mock interview helps the prospective interviewee to reduce anxiety and stress through a friendly discussion on the outcome of the mock interview. In addition, it can boost the confidence of the person expecting the interview. This happens when the person conducting the mock interview is a professional in that field. The interviewer can point out strengths of the interviewee, thereby encouraging him.