Journal: Community

The newspaper identified is the Portland Press Herald a publication in Portland, Maine, USA. The article reviewed is on the attempts to curb motor vehicle accidents as a result of collision with moose. According to the article, there were 550 moose-automobile accidents crashes annually over the last decade. 22 deaths occur annually as a result of moose-collisions over the same period (Fleming, 2013).

As a result of the community concern over the rising number of crashes in the area, solutions to the problem are encouraged. Research done at the University of Maine has developed computerized street lights to curb the collisions. They computerized street lights design is in such a way that motorists can spot the moose while driving. The product has the potential of minimizing the amount of moose-collision accidents. UMaine will help develop the lights for installation in streets, in the state, that the challenge persists. The product is efficient since they are solar powered and inexpensive to develop.

Another initiative that the community could undertake in the area is building consensus. The local church leaders have taken the initiative to build towards a sustainable community. In order to achieve this, vital leaders such as religious figures need to build on the community harmony and consensus. The third initiative that could improve the area is solving the community unemployment problem. To solve the problem, individuals and institutions both share responsibility. One such company that strives to solve the problem is Anthem of Maine that plans to hire 300 more workers in its South Portland office (Hall, 2013).

The three initiatives discussed have a common objective of striving to create on a sustainable community. Asset building is not an individual or specific community institution task but a task by the whole community. Research institutions, community leaders and companies can each make contributions to build on sustainable communities. The initiatives are as a result of a deficiency or problem experienced in a community. Local ownership and control is significant to recognize on potential asset buildings activities in the localities (Nakkula, 2010).