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In fact, cultural diversity is an important aspect of the human society in the 21st century. Many people tend to live in the communities, which are characterized by high chances that people will be evaluated based on certain existing stereotypes as opposed to the personalities of human beings. This kind of view is common in multicultural societies, where most people look at one another and tend to discriminate against one another based on such characteristics as race, language, social class among other natural characteristics many people do not have control over. The stereotypes, which lead to discrimination, normally cause cases, where different members of the society develop hatred and negative attitudes towards one another. Thus, these kinds of negative emotions are passed from one generation to another that creates a situation, where communities cannot live peacefully but rather keep fighting each other based on their deeply rooted stereotypical kind of interaction.

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In The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir, Ta-Nehisi Coates provides a detailed view of the kind of interaction the US black community had with the white majority from the time the writer was a child and as he was growing up in this kind of society. Thus, Ta-Nehisi keeps developing a certain attitude towards the white race as he feels that the whites represent the cause of the injustice, which is common in the lives of the black people in the US.

In the book, Ta-Nehisi Coates provides a detailed description of the society he lives in and the kind of people in the society. In writer’s childhood, he discovers that the white people and the African Americans represent people, who belong to different classes and who cannot be equal in several ways. The issue of racial segregation is one of the things brought out prominently in the book. Coates clearly indicates that racial segregation is a way of life in the US, where the African Americans must contend, as the authorities make sure that the policies of racial segregation are adhered to (Coates 20). In fact, one of the laws, which makes racial segregation a successful policy but causes the suffering of the black community, is the Jim Crowe laws.

Actually, racial segregation in the US is deeply rooted, as the education system is selective. Many US universities do not accept books, which are published by black writers, as indicated by Paul Coates, Ta-Nehisis father, who is involved in publishing the books for the black communities. In fact, Paul Coates publishes books written mainly by black writers that are not acceptable in many universities. The education system is also marred by discrimination, as black students are not allowed to study in some universities (Coates 30). The only university, which gives attention to the black community, is Howard University; the black people perceive Howard University, as the only place of salvation. Moreover, the University Mecca allows the black writers to have their books in the university and also agrees to admit black students to study in the university.

In fact, racial segregation has been deeply rooted in the US, as indicated by Coates; thus, the black community does not feel to be a part of their own country. The black community is closer to their past rather than present situation in the country. This kind of situation drives the problem between the two races deeper and extends the situation, as the blacks feel more marginalized in the society thereby engaging in deviant activities, including crime due to the high levels of poverty.

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The Influence of the Society

The unity of the black community is driven by the woes of their community; moreover, the African Americans suffer from the injustice they face in the community and, hence, look for the things they can associate with, which promote unity among them. Similar to his father, Coates understands the facts, which make black people feel closer to their black heroes of the past. In fact, the black people tend to love some things done by the African Americans that the whites do not perceive as valuable things. Coates associates himself with the panther. Similar to his father, Coates also tends to be closer to rap music, which is not widespread among the whites. At the same time, many African Americans enjoy the rappers, who preach hatred towards the whites; an example of a popular rapper among the African Americans is Chuck D (Coates 80).

The increased levels of poverty caused by the discrimination have represented one of the reasons for the escalating levels crime among the African Americans. According to Coates, many young people get access to guns at the age as young as 21 and get engaged in crime because black teenagers are not able to go to school due to the policies that discriminate based on education. Thus, the neighborhoods become dangerous, as many young people engage in crime and become outlaws; lucky youth of such communities are jailed, but the unlucky people get killed by the police, since they represent a danger to the community.

The African American community is portrayed as the society, which lives without any rules and moral rules. One common issue, which is displayed by young people in the society, is the involvement of young people in the gangs. The gang membership, which is considered a norm in the African American community, is common among the youths; thus, violence is one of the ways of life many young people have to contend with. As Ta-Nehisi states that the issue is so natural that the young people, who are not violent, are perceived as not normal.

Another issue, which comes out clearly from the text presented by Ta-Nehisi, is the issue of sexual immortality that is considered natural among the members of the community. Coates talks about the fact that young boys and girls are actively involved in sexual activities thereby creating the impression that the community tolerates and encourages sexual immorality. The society of Baltimore, where Coates and his family lives, also treats the cases of abortion as normal instances, which can happen without any problem in the society (Coates 84). In the book, Coates provides the example of his brother Big Bill, who gets a girl pregnant and procures an abortion instead of taking responsibility for the pregnancy. In the past, the same scenario happened to his father Paul, who also procured an abortion after getting a girl pregnant.

The Profile Interview

In the effort to establish the issue of racism and identify the way it affects various communities living in the USA, I had an interview with a person from a different race, who experienced various incidences of racial discrimination. The person I interviewed was an American of Mexican origin, whose parents represented immigrants in the USA. The interviewee is a student at the university, but he is pursuing a program that is different from mine. My interviewee comes from a family, where he is the first-born child and he has other siblings, who study in the US. The aim of the interview was to find out the personal opinion about the cases of racial discrimination; specifically, the aim was to identity the way the person reacted to specific sensitive cases of racism. The major factor, which has influenced my decision to interview this particular person, is the fact that the American of a Mexican origin belongs to a community, which has been facing massive cases of discrimination for a long time in the USA.

The first question that I asked the respondent was related to his opinion about the cases of brutality of the police. The interviewee stated that brutality of the police represented one of the things the government had to manage, since it was used to perpetrate racism in the USA. Moreover, the respondent stated that the discriminatory treatment performed by the police against specific races was unfair and uncalled for. The interviewee also stated that the police should ensure that the rule of law is followed in dealing with people in all the cases. The respondent further stated that the police should ensure that they are not discriminating against any race, as they work towards maintain law and order.

The interviewee specifically pointed out that one of the extreme factors of the police targeting in a racist way is the issue of targeting campus students; he has stated that the campus police should exercise restraints, while dealing with the students, since they are in learning institutions. The respondent also informed that the police should treat students with respect and should work towards ensuring fairness in their treatment in all their actions so that they do not create a situation, where a section of the student population does not feel disgruntled due to the issue of racism.

The issue of racial discrimination has become a major problem in the USA after the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States of America. Moreover, the interviewee has stated that he has experienced problems due to Mexican origin, especially, in the cases, when people perceive Mexicans as criminals rather than other members of the society. Furthermore, the respondent stated that he came across a number of hate messages directed towards Mexicans, especially, during the 2016 presidential election campaign in the US; thus, he has felt that his Mexican-American race is not fully recognized as an American. The interviewee has further added that the current state of racism has been escalating in the USA. Thus, the current president of the USA must enforce the laws in order to guarantee the protection of the minority communities, who were endangered by the sentiments during the Presidential campaigns.

Racial discrimination results from the fact that the interviewee lives in the USA because of immigration. Moreover, the respondent stated that his parents have followed the proper laws on immigration and have successfully acquired US citizenship through this system. Therefore, the interviewee has stated that the immigrants must follow the national laws. Thus, the law has to be followed in the process of migration. However, the respondent has stated that the people involved in politics should stop profiling all the immigrants, as illegal immigrants, as the situation promotes negative treatment of immigrants in the American society (Farclough 20). The interviewee has stated that the laws on immigration should be clear so that the department of immigration knows the way to curb the cases of illegal immigration. Regarding the issues of the wall to be constructed along the US-Mexico border, the Mexican-American has stated that such an action would escalate the cases of racism, as the wall will represent the segregation with physical boundaries.

In the interview, the respondent portrayed himself as an independent thinker and an honest person, who expressed his opinions without fear. The interviewee clearly revealed some issues, which promoted racism in the USA. Moreover, the respondent confidently stated that politics represented the major contributor to the cases of racism. Thus, the people involved in politics must be fair in the public speeches in order to create a society full of fairness for all the people.

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The interview revealed the areas of similarity between the respondent and me. in fact, I agree with most of the concerns the respondent has shared about the issue of racism in the US. Some areas of concern for me and my subjects included the cases of political meddling, where the people in the political class used their positions wrongly in order to influence public opinions. Other areas of concern I share with my subject included the issues of police brutality and the concerns of immigration.

Contrast of Te-Nehisis Book and Profile Interview

The profile interview and the case presented by Te-Nehisi in his memoir provide an effective comparison of the way people view racism, as one of the major threats to societal integration. In fact, the two scenarios involve people from different races, who have faced racism during different historical periods. In the case of Coates, he faced racial segregation at the time, when the laws promoted segregation, such laws were allowed by the system and they represented an issue the society had to contend with. An example of the discriminating law was the Jim Crowe laws, which allowed racial segregation and represented the reason for the exclusion of the black community out of their own country.

However, in the Profile interview the case of racism persists at the time characterized by advocacy for equality of the people from different races (Ellis 20). The profile interview presents the concerns of people world about the cases racial discrimination in the modern. One of the issues relates to the cases of political involvement, which has promoted the cases of racism and has escalated the problem.

The differences between the two cases are the following: the interviewee has lived in a community, where different races interact. Therefore, people could get to know each other that was unavailable to Coates, who lived in a community, where there was little interaction between different races and his perception was based solely on the beliefs of a particular community. For example, during the profile interview, the respondent indicated that racism still existed but to a different extent, as many people from the white community were fighting against racial discrimination. Based on such a view, the situation, when people from different cultures interact more often, people start appreciating the efforts of various members of the community that ensures equal treatment as opposed to the cases of condemnation of other people due to unequal treatment.

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Personal View from the Text and the Interview

Racism is one of the biggest threats to human integration at present time. Despite the milestones, which have been achieved in dealing with the cases of racial discrimination, the authorities and activist groups need to put a lot of effort in order to make sure that all the people, who face various forms of discrimination, are guarded against such negative treatment.

Based on the text and the interview, I have concluded that racial discrimination in the US was directed not only towards one community. The two incidences of racial discrimination directed towards both the black community and the Mexicans indicate that racial discrimination is a big issue the authorities and activist groups must deal with. I believe that one of the major ways to overcome racial discrimination is to appreciate cultural diversity and treat all the people equally.

Racial discrimination is one of the major reasons for the lack of understanding among the communities. In fact, people create the stereotypes, which become a way of life in various communities. Therefore, racism must be handed in a more careful way so that the concerns raised by Coates and the interviewee are handled in proper ways, which can make the members of the community coexist and live peacefully.

Racial discrimination is a major issue, which affects many communities and promotes separation and hatred. Many people isolate themselves and self-segregate because of the boundaries created by stereotypes. However, the interaction among the people of different races helps them to learn to appreciate diversity and respect other cultures, as displayed by the respondent in the profile interview.

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