Summary Paper

The research on mobile banking in the United Arabs Emirates undertook to fulfill several objectives. The objectives included determining the level of mobile banking adoption, analyzing factors that limit mobile banking adoption, monitoring the factors that influence mobile banking adoption, examining the role of technology in the adoption of mobile banking and evaluating the benefits of mobile banking that may influence its adoption in the UAE.

The literature reviewed was compared to the findings of the research carried out using Emirates NBD bank officers in charge of implementing mobile banking as the respondents. In addition, the research used the bank's data collected before the bank adopted mobile banking.

The research found that the bank had implemented mobile banking considerably, where customers could carry out activities such as viewing their balances, monitoring exchange rates and converting the rates using an inbuilt calculator and account history. Security, lack of technological skills, lack of knowledge about the benefits of mobile banking and security of mobile banking were the factors that limited mobile banking adoption.

The research found that the ease of use, availability of information related to mobile banking and mobile banking's usefulness were the factors that led to mobile banking adoption. Technology played a great role in the mobile banking adoption since the availability of mobile phones increased the rate of adoption. The complexity of technology and lack of mobile phones were found to inhibit mobile banking adoption.

Convenience, ability to use mobile phones for transactions were cited as the prime benefits of mobile banking that led to its adoption. The bank cited efficiency, speed of service and reduction in cost as the main benefits that encouraged it to adopt mobile banking. The recommendations encouraged the bank to research on the customers who were not aware of the factors that motivated them to use mobile banking, educate customers on the benefits of mobile banking and increase information availability to customers.