We Shall Remain

The documentary titled,"We shall remain" narrates the story of the American Indians in their struggle to survive in their homeland. There are three things I learned from the story. The first is the courage with which the American Indians fought with as they resisted the forceful intrusion of the western powers in their land. Before people from Europe colonized America, American Indians were living in peace. They had a well-established culture that guided their way of life. The colonizers thought that the American Indians were uncivilized and wanted to change them by influencing them to change their culture and accept Christianity and white people's ways of life. The visitors to the American continent disregarded the fact that the American Indians had the freedom to choose how to live their lives. They, therefore, adopted the role of guarding to the American Indians, which led to the corrosion of their culture.

The second lesson relates to the courage demonstrated by American Indians during their interaction with the white Americans as they slowly occupied the continent. The white Americans were determined to convert the American Indians to Christianity and into the American mainstream culture. Despite the support accorded to the white Americans by the by government, the American Indians hoped that their struggle to survive would yield fruits.

The third lesson is that the struggle advanced by the American Indians concerned their spirit, culture and land. Their struggle was a fight to survive because their spiritual freedom and culture had been curtailed by the majority white Americans who wanted to force Christianity onto the American Indians. As the population of the white Americans increased, they took away American Indians' land and pushed them away. Their spiritual power gave them hope that their creator had given the land to them and they were there to stay.