Writing Essay sample

Writing involves putting down thoughts and ideas on paper or typing them down as opposed to speaking them out. A person can do writing for personal reasons. For instance, to keep records of their activities or to write about moments in their lives that they would want to remember. They could also write for educative purposes; writing assignments or projects on topics that they need to learn more about. Usually, I write for both of the above purposes.

Writing has been a fundamental part of my life. It helps me to express thoughts that I otherwise would not be able to express. It also makes it possible to put feelings that I do not want other people to know I am experiencing. For example, I write in my diary about events that happen in my day to day life that I go back to when I want to evaluate my life. I also write for educative purposes, and this includes writing school projects and assignments. This includes school research assignments and other types of the essays.

Writing involves extensive reading and conducting research on given topics. It helps to improve a way of thinking that is particularly informative. It also develops one's writing skills.

Once I was writing a project paper, it was based on the lives and social structures of a community called the Juchitan in Mexico. It is a matriarchal society in which women are the dominant sex, they are the ones who own and inherit the property from their mothers, and who do trading, which is considered to be more important as it brings in much of the main income for the community. The men are the ones who move into their wives' houses upon marriage and dowry is also paid by the women. It is important to mention that their community treats homosexual men with higher regard than the rest of the men. Surprisingly, the men of Juchitan are comfortable with how the situation is and overwhelmed when they leave their town and find a different situation in other towns. I had never heard about matriarchal society, it involved a lot of research on my part. It was an informative experience, and I got to learn a lot about their society and how it runs. This experience changed my way of thinking, because I had always thought that all societies were patriarchal, and dominated as well as run by men.

Writing sometimes could bring unexpected trouble in your life. For example, I used to keep a diary where I wrote down all my feelings and reactions to situations that occurred on a day to day basis. If someone, for instance, wronged me or hurt my feelings, I would pen it down as opposed to confronting or telling them how I really felt about what they had done. The trouble came when someone got his/her hands on my diary and decided to share the information that was inside with the rest of the class. This made some of the people that had been featured in the diary and thought we were good friends to feel being betrayed, and I was on the receiving end. I also had other members of my class victimize me for the things I had written. It took me a while to gain their confidence back, but I did eventually. However, I do not keep a diary anymore.

English is a second language to me and I had to learn how to talk and how to write from the beginning. Although it was challenging at first, in five years I was finally able to develop my written and spoken English. I did this by extensive reading and writing. This paid off because I can now work and communicate with other members of the society and my workmates in the school.

Another incident that made me change my way of thinking was when I wrote a paper on the discrimination of women at the workplace. I had always thought of this as an old notion that had already passed. However, the conducted research revealed that it is still something that goes on even in the modern world. I learnt that the number of female executives was so low; and the percentage of males that get promotions in a year was considerably high. This is in comparison to their female counterparts who were just as qualified and able to do the same job as men. There are also men who do not think that women can do a job as good as them or are capable of handling such jobs. Their chauvinistic notion was that the woman's place was at home raising the children and doing house duties. I also found that there are a number of women who do not believe in themselves. They think that there are job positions and descriptions that are best left to men. The research helped to provide insight on the different ways of thinking on the topic of chauvinism and female discrimination at work.

I love writing, because it improves both my written and spoken language. It also involves me in reading a lot and doing extensive research. Consequently, it makes me more informative and prompts me to read more than is required for the assignment or the project at hand. However, there is a downside to writing. It could make one an introvert. This happens mostly when a person gets too engrossed in their writing and reading that they could forget about the outside world and the people in it. As explained above, writing could also hurt emotions of other people, who can discover unexpected written information about themselves, as was the case with my diary, and as a result it can cause friction between friends and make interactions hard.