Poetry Essay Question and Answer

What is the tone of the poems?

The tone of the first poem is critical. The writer criticizes the fact that people who take part in the war are blacks, Mexicans, and poor whites who joined the army because it was the only job available. The writer criticizes the fact that these people are fighting in a desert land, which is very far from their homes, yet the rich whites do not take part.

The tone of the second poem is friendly. The writer tells how friendly his Macintosh is when he goes out with it every morning. The writer portrays how he spends most of his time with his Macintosh. He wakes up early in the morning and goes out with it to his working place.

What is the form of the two poems if any?

The first poem does not take a certain form, though it has two stanzas and each stanza has a different number of lines. The narrator uses rhyme, alliteration, and assonance.

The second poem just like the first one does not follow a certain form. Both poems differ in their tone because the writers have different attitudes.

Comparison of the two poems

Firstly, the two poems differ in purpose. The first is sarcastic about minority groups making war while rich and fat white Americans remain at home to do jobs such as reporting and analysis. On the other hand, the second poem is intended to show the author's love for his computer.

The similarity between them is the use of rhyme, assonance, and alliteration. In both cases, there is repetition of some phrases. The first poem repeats the phrase "again and again and again" which portrays some sort of repetition and alliteration. The phrase "the black" is also repeated to stress the kind of people who take part in the war.

The second poem also uses repetition of the word "because". Use of rhyme is evident because there is brood and hood. It is evident that from the stylistic devices point of view the two poems are similar. They all use repetition, have a rhyme scheme and alliteration among other artistic devices.