Effective Teams

Exclusive summary

The report talks about the results of an effective team and performance management analysis and evaluation. It is essential because it helps one to identify the requirement of a team so as to perform effectively. It also points out the barriers that will prevent team from reaching their goals (Tracy, 2002). We have theories and concepts that significantly analyze how team dynamics and team formation have taken place in Electron. This includes team norms, stages of group development, interpersonal skills, team context and cohesion (Dinsmore & Cabanis-Brewin, 2011). The size of a company team is neither big or small hence it simplifies the management. Also, how the employees take corrections that are devoted for them have another effect on company's performance.

Team Norms

These are the set rules of how to govern a team or the expected standards that the team should reach. Electron Company has eight groups where each team has ten members. Members have certain rules that control them in order to meet their objectives (Blocher, 2005).

Stages of group development

With the introduction of new members in Electron Company, the old members are included to groups so as to assist them and help them to accommodate to new working environment (Turnbull, 2012).

Team context, structure and team cohesion

The company has eight groups, and each team has members. Electron Company has eight teams they include; team red, blue, white, green, silver, aqua, purple and yellow (Forster, 2005). Each team has ten members and the rules that govern them. Each member should make sure that he or she sticks to these rules and desires to attain the goals. Each member in the team ensures that no one in the group goes against the principles, and if so the issue is brought up in a meeting for discussion. Each member is the supervisor of another person. Any issues noted down are brought for discussion so as to come up with solutions.


Electron Company shows a good example of how team work creates an effective and efficient performance of a company. With the help of created teams, problems are noted immediately and the solutions are eradicated. Hence, team work is viewed as a crucial and essential company's performance.