Anthropologie and Uniqlo Unique Merchandise

Question 1

The visual strategy of Anthropologie reflected the customers inside the store. The first visual image from Anthropologie is made up of different items such as ceramic colanders, enameled teapots, women clothing, and dinning furnishings. This reflects the customers inside the store through emphasis on some of the most significant things that make up a home. This means that women would be likely found shopping here because of the presence of their clothing and kitchen items that they would love to decorate their houses. More so, the second image is purely made up of women clothing. It gives a clear gesture that women would be the likely customers at the store at any given time. There is a high level of Anthropologie's specialization in the marketing of women clothing with a high sense of uniqueness compared to other contemporary marketers. These clothes give an impression of the customers inside the store, as women committed to some fun shopping activities.

The third and fourth images also show the kind of women's clothes sold at the store. The clothes are unique and trendy in their own way. They reflect the customers inside the store, as a trendy person who does not like to wear common clothes. The visual strategy plays a significant role in reflecting the customers inside the store through a direct indication of some of the items that they would always like to make them unique. For instance, the fifth image is also made up of ceramic plates, a piece of clothing, and items that reflect the view that most customers who come to this store are focused on keeping the tradition, with some sense of uniqueness. The customer, in this case, is that unique woman who wants every bit of nice things. For instance, Senk clarified that "We specialize in one kind of customer (Labarre 2)." The statement implies that the customers inside the store are loyal to the company and are always likely to come back for more. Overall, the visual strategy of the company reflected the customers inside the store through their uniqueness and attractiveness. The trendy nature of the visual strategy also reflected the customer inside the store, as individuals who love going with the most recent trends that are not commonly found elsewhere.

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Question 2

The target customer of Anthropologie is an educated, well-traveled, informed, and urban-minded woman. More so, the woman targeted by the company exhibits other characteristics such as ranging between the age of 30 and 45 years, has an annual household income of $100,000 to $200,000, has an immense interest in cooking, wine, gardening, and is always curious about some of the happenings around the world (Labarre 3). More so, the customer targeted by the company is mostly deemed affluent, but not materialistic because of the desire to enjoy and share the different global cultures. Thus, Anthropologie keeps all kinds of items at her disposal to ensure that she had a wide variety to choose from. The company targets female customers that are mostly focused on living a unique life, which is not common for other women in the society.

The merchandise matched the target customer at the trendy. Firstly, the merchandise matched the target customer because it is made up of items from different cultures around the world. It is worth noting that most of the merchandise including ceramic tea ports, unique cups, and clothes come from different cultures and require a well-traveled person to purchase them. They require a person who understands the significance of enjoying global cultures, without feeling that she is losing her own. Items of merchandise such as weathered mismatched dining tables reflect a unique culture that most of these targeted women are fond of enjoying. Secondly, the merchandise at the company matched the target customer because it meets her desire for uniqueness. Most of the items in the merchandise matched the target customer by being unique in a natural manner. Urbanized women love being unique and easily distinguishable from others in the society. The merchandise has been designed in a manner that meets the exact needs of these customers hence leading to their maximum consumption (Labarre 4). Thirdly, items of the merchandise match the target customer through their variety. The merchandise at Anthropologie is made up of a large variety of items that give the target woman the opportunity to buy everything under one roof. For instance, items range from clothing to dining tables, and decorations hence giving the target customer an easier opportunity to select the best from the variety. Women targeted by the company love variety and would always do everything to ensure that their houses are well-maintained with a variety of items found in the store.

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Question 3

Firstly, customers at Uniqlo differ from customers at Anthropologie in terms of age. It is worth noting that Uniqlo is committed to serving customers aged between 20-60 years while Athropologie mainly concentrates on customers aged 30-45 years (Takeuchi 9). This is a clear indication of the view that the customers visiting each of these stores would differ in terms of their age.

Secondly, Uniqlo customers differ from Athropologie customers because they receive the information about new designs through adverts compared to Athropologie customers who are always self-driven in terms of visiting the store. Senk stated that, "the company does not engage in any form of advertising (Labarre 2)," as most customers are always aware of what they would like to buy. It is rare to find Athropologie customers learning about the new products through adverts. However, Uniqlo tends to reach its customers through frequent newspaper inserts to improve its sales, especially over the weekends.

Lastly, the customer at Uniqlo is an ordinary person regardless of age, gender, race while the customer at Athropologie is an affluent individual who is not materialistic (Takeuchi 8). Notably, Uniqlo is ready to identify with any person as long as they are ready to purchase the merchandise on offer. On the other hand, Athropologie is mainly characterized by women from affluent backgrounds who buy different items to enhance their uniqueness.

Most Uniqlo clients would not be able to shop at Athropologie. The first significant reason why they would not be able to shop here is that they rely on advertisements that are not at Athropologie. This means that they will not have any form of motivation to go shopping. As noted earlier, Uniqlo tends to woo most of its clients through adverts that show them the available products. Additionally, they would not be able to shop here because most of the merchandise is strictly for individuals aged 30 to 45 years. Those below the age of thirty and those at sixty years old will not be in a position to shop here, as many items might not interest them. They are used to their own kind of fashion at Uniqlo, and might not be ready to get out of their comfort zone by shopping at Athropologie.

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Question 4

In case I was given a chance, as a product developer at Anthropologie, I would want to specifically develop the clothing department. I would like to develop the clothing department for various reasons. The first reason is that the clothing department is easy to work with because women always have the courage to try out new fashions. I would love to come up with new and unique fashions that attract most of the customers at the company hence increasing the level of sales within the company. I like the fact that women are impulse buyers, and would be willing to buy any new designs that I would have developed at the company. The second reason is that the fashion for women clothes is highly responsive to change (Labarre 3). I would love to work in the clothing department to keep pace with the emerging trends because it would be a fulfilling experience for me to satisfy many trendy women. I understand that they need to consume the best fashions that come into the market in the wake of each day.

The third reason that would make me want to work as a product developer in the clothing department is that they come in a variety of designs. Women clothing could be in the form of trousers, skirts, miniskirts, trench courts, and blouses. This gives me a reason to be part of the development process because I would have a perfect chance of offering free advice on how and when each piece should be worn. I enjoy informing my clients the need to put on the correct piece of clothing at different times to enjoy their time. Lastly, I would love to work in this department because it presents an easier chance for everyone to tap customer feedback. Customer feedback plays an instrumental role in the growth of the entire organization in terms of profitability and revenues. While working in the clothing department, I will be in the best position to get customer feedback and work alongside it in the development process hence leading to the success of the entire organization.


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