Internet of Things

Internet of Things, a business growing at a compound annual rate of 7,9%, which are the principal cyber threats to the popular paradigm?

The author of the article provides the detailed description of the phenomenon of the Internet of Things and analyzes a profound and continuous impact of cybercrimes that affect these devices. The Internet of Things is considered a successful business opportunity for security companies and an essential innovation within each industry. Thus, their usage is going to provide benefits for both enterprises and common people.

The Internet of Things consists of the ordinary objects that are equipped with identifiers ensuring their automatic inventory. Cybercrime influences the IoT to a great extend and causes a wide range of negative consequences. Therefore, it is an urgent issue for most enterprises to prevent numerous cyber attacks against this innovation in order to ensure its secure and effective functioning.

The rapid adoption of the Internet of Things technology has not yet been supported by a considerable improvement of successful security solutions for this type of devices. The author makes the detailed analysis of potential cyber attacks. For instance, hackers usually apply malware to get the access to all elements of the IoT architecture. A malicious code may often be applied to infect computers, which control the devices or to attack the software of the IoT.

The scientist asserts that when a smart meter is hacked it will allow the entering the domestic network. This will provide a hacker with the ability to cause physical harm and reach the important data. And finally, it should be noted that the data stored or processed via the Internet of Things may be lost or exposed as a result of cyber attacks.

In conclusion, the phenomenon of the Internet of Things affects all spheres of life of the contemporary society. However, it creates the most significant opportunities for the enterprises and other businesses. They should take into consideration the potential risk factors connected with the various types of increasing cyber attacks on the Internet of Things.