Key Insight

The meaning of the coffee shops across our country is changing. They become more important in people's lives and thus their mission changes as well. Now, the visitors expect something more than just a cup of coffee. They need it to be a place where they can spend their time in a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere. Although, the main task of the coffee shops is to serve people with coffee, its favorable study and social environment becomes more and more significant.

In the modern world a functional study environment obtains new forms and features. The majority of people studying need calm and quiet atmosphere where nobody will disturb them. And the coffee shops begin to play this role and act as the study environment for a large number of people. Firstly the coffee shops were created to serve people coffee and some snacks. But their role has changed and now people use them not only to drink a cup of coffee. The coffee shops did not intend to offer their visitor the study environment, but it became so. Also, it is functional due to several reasons. The visitors have the opportunity to stay alone and occupy themselves with a book or a laptop. They can spend this time in a relative silence when nobody interrupts them from their job. Also, the comfortable brightness of light allows to focus and do not bother with anything. But at the same time this environment is informal and allows feeling relaxed while studying. Students can have a cup of coffee and continue their work as long as they need as the coffee shops do not limit the time.

Besides that, a coffee shop is a perfect social environment. The visitors tend to give their preference to these shops as they do not oblige them to anything. They can meet with the friends and have a good talk while drinking a cup of coffee. Is becomes a key part of people's social lives as it makes establishing meetings here convenient as well. Such an atmosphere disposes to easy and open relations. Moreover, it does not require many costs as compared to other meal establishments. In such circumstances the social interaction adheres to health conscious society trends prevailing in the United States.

People tend to go to the coffee shops not because of price. However, quite often the price there is really higher due to the services the coffee shops provide to their visitors. The majority does not pay attention whether it can be cheaper somewhere. They visit coffee shops to drink coffee and to enjoy its atmosphere as well. The high cost of the coffee includes social and study environment they get there. And if the shop responds people's expectations they reject the price. However, some visitors just come for a coffee and nothing more, but they believe that coffee there is better than in cheaper places.

The coffee shops become important components of people's every life. Many people drink coffee because they cannot stand without it. It gives them energy, enhances mood and spirits. Others visit coffee shops because of their favorable environment. The majority of visitors choose these shops to study and socialize with others. Its calm and quiet atmosphere encourages to stay there for a long time with a book, computer or with a group of friends. The relatively low expenses make them affordable for a big number of people. However, at the same time the majority of visitors do not pay much attention to the price when buy coffee. Visiting coffee shops becomes a significant part of the modern culture that influences our lives.