Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is highly popular nowadays as it aims at creating content that will attract readers' attention. Consequently, they will share this information through social media, and the demand for the company's products will increase. The current paper deals with the analysis of social media marketing and its various applications by several companies. Its role in sales promotion will be determined.

Social media marketing may be defined as a complex process of increasing website traffic through the use of social media methods. Nowadays, social media have a large impact on marketing for a number of reasons. Firstly, the use of social media is inexpensive and requires insignificant initial investments. Secondly, the potential audience is very large. Thus, the company may generate substantial revenues if its marketing strategy is efficient. Thirdly, it is possible to increase not only the company's revenues or profits but its reputation as well. It is even more important for its long-term sustainable development.

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It is reasonable to provide examples of two companies successfully using social media marketing. The first example is Samsung. The number of its fans in Europe is more than 25 million people. It makes Samsung the most popular brand in Europe (Vasquez, 2014). Samsung has reoriented to social media marketing as the company's management has recognized that traditional marketing tools do not lead to the necessary results. Samsung uses a unique approach to marketing of its products.

The company determines key groups of its products (electronics, medical equipment, chemicals, etc.) and promotes them separately. In this way, it both stimulates the demand for its products and strengthens the positions of its brand. Samsung gets feedback from its customers through its website, Facebook, and other social media. The company is highly efficient in using Facebook for communicating with its clients. Customer relationships are effectively managed as all main customers' suggestions are realized in the company's new products. All new products are correspondingly positioned and presented in social media; it has a strong positive impact on sales.

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Another example of the use of social media marketing is Toyota. It is successful in restoring the strong positions of its brand and becoming a global leader in its industry. Toyota uses social media marketing for presenting it as a modern and innovative company. Toyota uses a traditional approach to marketing of its products. It promotes all of its automobile models paying additional attention to the potential segment leaders. The company gets feedback through Facebook, YouTube, and other social media. It is especially effective in producing short videos; thus, it uses the visual channel of delivering information as a dominant one (Rajasekera, 2013). Customer relationships are based on corresponding popularity of each particular brand. Finally, Toyota uses its short videos and other marketing tools for promoting its sales through addressing the most urgent consumer needs related to the high quality of automobiles and appropriate prices.

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Thus, different companies implement different strategies in using social media for maximizing their sales. However, some elements are common. Social media allow specifying all aspects that are important for consumers. Moreover, companies can communicate with customers and determine not only their current preferences but future needs as well. In this way, they may adjust their strategy in general to the expected dynamics of consumer preferences. Social media substantially increase the flexibility of marketing strategies and contribute to a more effective meeting of customers' requirements. Therefore, any modern marketing campaign should include social media components. It is beneficial both for customers (as social media economize their time and present information in a more convenient form) and for companies (as it is possible to maximize sales and market capitalization in this way).


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