Letter to the Speaker of the House

Dear Sir/Madam

REF: Teenager parenthood as an adult

I kindly write his letter to you, Mister, in order to speak to air my views concerning the issue of teenage parenthood in this great republic of ours. Your Excellency time is changing so fast and many problems are cropping up that both the society and relevant government authorities have to work hand in hand to curb problems associated with teenage parenting among adults. According to Foa et al (2006), this is a group of young people that are extremely adventurous and seem to take on the world by storm. Times are changing rapidly, and teenagers are accessing a lot of information and techniques that make their parenting extremely difficult to both their biological and foster parents.

Mister Speaker, the problem we are having is lack of proper legislation and counselling services to the teenagers (Feinstein and Evangeline, 2009). Their parents are going through hard times when it comes to controlling and monitoring the activities of their children. The presence of modern technologies is to be blamed for the current sequence of problems in teenage parenting. According to Arai and Lisa (2009), teenagers are internet addicts who spend most of their time online. This tendency is extremely dangerous to the fact that teenagers are able to access adult stuff like pornographic materials from various sites. Access to such materials has a negative impact on the behaviour of teenagers since it promotes acts of early sexual activities that are dangerous to them. Currently, your Honour, this country is experiencing high cases of teenage pregnancies where school going girls drop out of school. Teenagers have come up with pre-mature sexual engagements that are unethical and harmful to their health with regard to high rates of sexually transmitted diseases in the country (Foa et al, 2006).

Your Excellency, the problem of early teenage pregnancies is becoming unbearable. Many girls get pregnant at an early age due to unprotected sexual engagements. Most of the perpetrators of this vice are fellow teenagers, as well as adults. According to Feinstein and Sheryl (2009), Laws must be enacted to protect the rights of these girls by ensuring that those responsible for these kinds of problems face the full arm of the law.

Drug abuse is on the rise in this country. Teenagers are able to obtain drugs easily due to globalization and modernization that makes the entire world a global village. Teenagers spend a lot of time online chatting and surfing various sites, thus, increasing their chances to access drugs from either friends or drug lords (Perez and Evangeline, 2009).

The Parliament and the government at large have to come up with many counselling and guidance institutions to help teenagers become great citizens in future. This is by engaging them in discussions that discourage vices like sexual activities and drug abuse among others. Due to your authority and influence in the House, it will be beneficial to the country and the world at large if together with other members of your House you would come up with bills or laws that shall help to restore and enrich the lives of teenagers by ensuring that they do not engage in harmful activities. According to Arai and Lisa (2009), it is essential to assume that a country that does not care about the welfare of its youths has no bright future ahead of it. This is because it will eventually lose future leaders, which may lead to catastrophes with no solutions.

Your House should come up with strict laws to ensure that parents take their parenting responsibilities seriously. This shall enable them to guide and train their teenage children to become reliable and responsible citizens in future. Legislations should be put in place to ensure that teenagers attend school properly and desist from acts of drug and substance abuse (Foa et al, 2006). Mister Speaker, I am of the opinion that your intervention shall be helpful, bearing in mind that most parents have failed to instil their authority on their teenage children. The whole society shall rejoice and applaud your leadership, and you will go down the books of history as being the best Speaker ever with regard to teenage affairs.