Marriage versus Singlehood

Singlehood is the condition of being unmarried. It is a situation whereby a person lives without marital commitment or responsibilities. On the other hand, marriage is more of a social union or arrangement where people share intimacy, responsibilities, and create a family. It is a form of legal contract between two individuals who qualify to be called spouses. The grass is said to be always greener on the other side of the fence. This is because when refereeing to singlehood and married life, one can never be objective. The two have explicit pros and cons. Moreover, they are different as far as mindsets are concerned. It is not surprising to find married people wishing to be single so that they would have a repeated feeling. Consequently, some singles spend a high percentage of their life searching for their soulmates. This means that it is hard to tell which status is better. However, it is important to note that situations can change in an instant and leave people living for what they never wished for.

As far as married people are concerned, there are definitely some attached advantages. One of the advantages is that hunting for the perfect partner or date seizes. This is where people settle their mind down and focus on commitment. They finally start their architecture of life with someone who has already made a commitment. The commitment has to be two-way, or mutual. This allows both partners to contribute to the growth of their marriage. A person who is married will just stay at home and relax knowing what to expect. Additionally, one can take his/her makeup so to speak. In marriage, one does not have to wear anything to impress another. The times of pretending that one likes something or dislikes the other to impress is long gone. The most treasured value of marriage is when one receives respect from the world who perceives marriage as a rite of passage. In married life, there are two sources of income. This makes life economic goals easy to reach. It also allows children to be born in a complete family. The feeling of always having a constant partner in life makes one stronger.

Single people cannot be ruled out on the happiness proportion. They take pleasure in freedom to do anything they wish. They do not have anyone to control, regulate or order their life in a particular manner. They can opt to spend a night with a person and with another one at a later date. The truth of the matter is they do not get committed in any way whatsoever. They have independence and autonomy. Single life is associated with extended fun without limits or regulations. People living in singlehood are not tied to one place as opposed to married people.

The disadvantaged of both lifestyles tend to hold opposing views from person to person. When someone is in a ghastly marriage, singlehood is the utmost wish for them. Similarly, if one does not find someone to spend the rest of their life with, loneliness bullies them regardless of how successful they are in their lives. Certainly, it is human nature to perceive that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. In a good marriage, no one would wish to be single. If one is single and lonely like the black American women, having someone to grow old with brings a feeling of fresh air. The best idea is to live life to one's own standards. Americans are turning single now and then. Most black women argue that there are no husband materials amongst black men.