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Sexual violence is a major concern in the Indian society where women are increasingly being forced into sex. Sexual assault is considered a criminal offense in India due to its contradiction to an Act of the country constitution governing and protecting human rights. The constitution ensures that vulnerable groups especially women and children are protected from harm and sexual exploitation.

Feminism plays an important part alongside human rights to protect women from dehumanization through sexual assaults. Sexual assault is a morality issue as indicated in this paper. Morality involves the concern with distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; therefore, right or good conduct, which hardly applied to sexual assault. The problems of sex assaults in India occur due to the lack of morality among the offenders. Feminism movements have been established to fight against this social crime and ensure equal rights of women. This paper demonstrates what makes a man with the right to sex choose to initiate sexual assaults on women in India with respect to justice and how feminism help in fighting this problem. Again, how morality contributes to the solution is also a consideration.

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There could be more reasons behind these sexual assaults, as in many societies, both genders are considered equal in various social aspects, including the right to sex. Women and men are human beings. Sex leads to creation of morality, strengthens marriages, and enhances sexuality. In India, a stereotype of women exists, which has given men the dominant authority to offend them in many ways. The Indian government should be keen on the issue and establish ways of getting rid of sexual assaults on women. Sex should not create social problems, but should be an aspect of enjoyment among partners and married couples.


Assaulting women sexually is inhuman and immoral. Sexual assault on women is an issue of lack of morality, and it is against the law in India. This issue of immorality not only affects sexual life of women in India, but all across the world. About 25 per cent of women in the world go through some kind of sexual violence in their lifetime (Go, Solomon, Celentano, Srikrishnan, Parker, & Salter, 2011). Other than looking the problem from a moral perspective, the aspect of stereotyping women and making them appear inferior contributes to sexual assaults on women (Go, Solomon, Celentano, Srikrishnan, Parker, & Salter, 2011). In India, the tradition of viewing women as inferior to men contributes to women mistreatment and oppression. The problem of sexual assaults on women is thus grounded on these two cases, which are analyzed in this paper.


In this paper, feminism and morality are used for the research. Feminism involves the claim of equal rights for women. The paper discusses the sexual violence and sexual assault on women as an issue related to feminism in the Indian society. India has been faced with many cases of sexual assaults on women, which have, in turn, made people respond through protests. The sexual assaults are usually done by intimate sex partners and rapists. The paper also discusses various causes of sexual assaults on women, including family practices, history of the country, the government effort, and perceptions of the public (Puri, 2006). All these contribute to a strong tendency that cultivates the intensification of sexual assault on women in India.


The main issue in this research is the moral perspective of sexual assault on women in India, as well as the public aspect of human sexuality. First, feminism can hardly prevail without the moral ability of the members of society. People hardly act based on morality, but rather under guidance of the law (Puri, 2006). The laws would not be overloaded or broken if all people were moral. Issues related to sexual assaults would not persist if the offenders were moral. Now, the public aspect of human sexuality is another issue of concern. Human sexuality involves expression of love, friendship, and liking for other people. When this aspect lacks in sexuality, the public may perceive human sexuality as an act of satisfying own sexual desires without any concern for the feelings of the affected people, who are women in this case.

Leadership for a Just and Humane World

The government makes the ultimate resolutions for all social crimes, including sexual assaults. India has been faced with numerous protests due to unequal rights for women and frequent sexual assaults on both minors and adult females (Feminist News , 2013). Most of these protests are done as a call for the government to take an action against this practice. The government needs to understand the pain caused by the problem and regulate strict laws that protect the individual rights of women. There should be severe punishments to these crimes and related criminal or social offenses in the society.

Methods of Moral Argument

The feminist arguments on sexual assaults on women include a stereotype view of women as those who have no rights to control sexual decisions with their partners. Feminists argue that women have as many rights as men concerning sexual matters. The aspect of stereotyping women is an issue of societal conception that should be terminated. The moral argument involves a conception that decision to practice sex should be intimate and partners should gauge the prevailing circumstances and moods. Forcing a woman into sex without her consent is not moral (Whitehead & Whitehead, 1989). Sexual assaults on women expose them to premarital sex, pornography, sexual perversion, and masturbation Chapter 13 (Morality, Marriage, and Human sexuality,  page 288). Premarital sex undermines the values of an individual and her family since reservation should b encouraged for sex to be enjoyed in marriage. Masturbation is argued to be a violation of the sexuality of a person and is against religions. Pornography undermines one’s sexual values and can encourage sex trafficking. These aspects should be avoided on the grounds that they are all immoral.

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Political and religious arguments differ widely in India but both aim at protecting evil practices. Such arguments can be encouraged and initiated in fighting against sexual assaults on women in India. Religion is mainly concerned with righteousness aspect of conducting “clean” sex in the sense that the two partners are religiously authorized to have sex in marriage (Lebacqz, 2003). The political aspect views the problem as a social phenomenon that can be stopped by the law. Generating laws that can punish the offenders would be best option.

My Argument:

My argument is that sex assault is immoral. The scope of immorality however depends on the sex assault as viewed by the society and individual initiating the act. Notably, women have equal rights to those of men and any sexual act that involve consensus between two sex partners irrespective of the view of the society is moral. Men should not always be in the position of controlling and determining sex. Women have the right to resist any sexual assaults that would contribute to premarital sex, prostitution, masturbation, pornography, or sexual perversion. The problem can be fought through increased regulation, encouraging women to resist any cases of premarital sex, prostitution, masturbation, sexual perversion, and pornography.

Case study

Sexual assaults may not only imply the act of forcing one into sex, but also affecting the sexual mood of another individual. This aspect makes sexual assault a moral concern. People view human sexuality differently. The case of Tom and Barbara in page 288 Chapter 13 (Morality, Marriage, and Human sexuality) who are aged 19 and 18 respectively who decide to live together for sexual purposes as they build close relationship can be viewed as immoral. This may not be the case since the two are mature, over 18, and have the right to do so. The two teenagers have some moral concern for each other and have decided to remain faithful to each other throughout the relationship (Scott & Warren, 1993). The parents to the female teenager may however find this immoral and blame male teenager for sex assault on their daughter. This case indicates that some claims of sex assaults or sexual immorality may be according to the view of the public while the two partners involved find it moral as long as there is an agreement. Sexual assaults would always contribute to other sexual practices that may not be socially encouraged, such as premarital sex, pornography, masturbation, sexual preservation, and prostitution. The way each of their results of sex assault is viewed as immoral depends on various factor such as societal norms, religion, and the law among other factors. In a case of sexual assaults, the offender has a single goal of self-satisfaction, which is not moral. There is no moral concern for the partner and her enjoyment of the act. Morality would apply if the two partners agree to the act and ensure that each one of them benefits.

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Some men would initiate forces that create discomfort or even death. Recently protests have broken out in New Delhi after the sexual assault of a seven-year old girl (Feminist News, 2013). This case is a great example of lack of morality and unobserved feminism in India. One reason initiating the protest is to advocate for the rights of women and protection against such cases. According to the Delhi Chief Minister, the incidence was inhuman and shameful (Noonan, 1967). It would not be hilarious to find out that the offender was married and had the rights to sex from his sex partner. Another case involves an incidence of a brutal gang rape of a medical student who was 23 years old. This female student was not only brutally raped, but murdered. This action triggered a wave of protests that calls for new laws that protect women rights in India.


Assaulting a woman sexually may affect other people in the society in many ways. The society would not want to see men treating women in an inhuman manner while the two genders are equal. Justice, goodness, honesty, and freedom should characterize morality in human sexuality (Noonan, 1967). The two genders have the freedom to decide when and where it is appropriate to have sex and with whom to engage in sexual activity. This practice is guided by morality, and without moral guidance, a man would not give in to the requirements (Whitehead & Whitehead, 1989). In a good sexual partnership, a man would not harass a woman sexually. This means that most of the Indian cases of sexual assaults on women are based on morality and traditions of male dominance. The society has a role to play in culminating the problem. People should not always look at the law as the only solution to sexual assaults. Actions to curb the problem can be initiated at the family level through religion and moral teachings (Whitehead & Whitehead, 1989). The law should handle those cases that are inevitable through moral practices and family teachings. All members of the society have a role to play in ending the sexual assaults of women in India. 

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