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There is a great need to rediscover the purpose of a family and consequently the meaning and purpose of forming a family. In my opinion, a family provides the most conducive environment for people to acquire the full knowledge of their humanity and learn to love God and their fellow men. Children born in marriage are seen by many parents as their greatest assets and what a family has grown to become. As the world undergoes the inevitable change, many people’s perception towards the value of family has really changed, and the value of the family has been eroded. The main aim of this paper is to discuss some of the benefits that would encourage one to maintain a strong healthy relationship within his/her family.

Health Benefits

In America, the US Family Health Plan which is an option of TRICARE Prime offers healthcare coverage program which is an excellent health benefit for families. It is based on a sound mission and incomparable commitment which promotes the value of the U.S families that are members of this program. This commitment shown daily can be seen through the strong physician-patient relationships as well as the high quality services provided by the organization. This has resulted into exceptional satisfaction by members who represent different families. This program is available for enrollment by active military retirees and duty family members including their family members aged below 64 (US Family Health Plan Home n.p.).

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In addition, workers in the United States as well as their families are given the right to decide whether to continue with the group health plan which provides them with group health benefits after losing them. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) gives this right for a short time when circumstances like reduction in working hours, divorce, transition from one job to another, involuntary or voluntary job loss, death, and other events in life that affect labor. One of the conditions to be met by eligible members is paying the whole premium to cover the cost of the plan up to 102% (U.S. Department of Labor n.p.).

Family members of the Veterans qualify for certain health benefits under some specified circumstance. Children of Women Vietnam Veterans (CWVV) and the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) are some of the programs that provide benefits to these families. Generally, the programs help the families to minimize or even eliminate the costs associated with prescriptions, medical supplies, and office visits (Health Benefits n.p.). Patients with terminal ailments when given home care are able to better deal with drug treatment side effects within the environment they are used to (2004 U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide p.246)

Psychological Benefits

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Everybody in the society has an intrinsic desire to have a family relationship, and this satisfies a profound psychological need. This is enabled in the Indian American families which have strong family ties, distinct spirituality, and a conserved cultural natural environment attachment. Also, anyone who marries a member of a given family is taken to be a biological relative (Ehlers, 282-283). Family recreation leads to improved self concept, increased mental health, relief from the normal duties, and increased productivity at work (Recreation 2000 Tri-state Strategy n.p.). Patients surrounded by their families enjoy the psychological benefits of their own home, which enhances faster recovery (2004 U. S. Master Employee Benefits Guide p.246).

Family is very valuable to women in marriage since high psychological benefits are particularly provided which significantly lowers their suicidal tendencies. Children undergo a health psychological development when they are brought up in a family with a husband and a wife who are happy in marriage. This environment provides the best emotional stability. They are also more likely to benefit from the gender specific attention in case the family is headed by father and mother. Children from such families are much less likely to experience depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and anxiety (Notare & McCord p.3-11).

Social Benefits

As a family moves through several stages in life, achieving the tasks that come along those stages will determine the smooth transition from one stage to another (Ehlers p.282-283). Recreation at family level promotes cohesion, learning or socialization and individual well-being which may translate to greater social status and increased knowledge about interactions of people and the environment (Recreation 2000 Tri-state Strategy n.p.). Youth adjustment is well studied in the context of the family. Also, poor social relationships may lead to marital dissatisfaction and home chaos.

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Certain members of the family who may include a spouse, children, divorced spouse, and disabled child may be eligible for some benefits from the Social Security Fund when a member of a family begins to receive disability benefits. This benefit the family qualifies for may consist of up to 50% of the monthly disability benefit of the disabled person’s rate (Disability Planner: Family Benefits n.p.). From the same kit, family members may also qualify to receive benefits on the record of a retired family member who has started receiving his benefits. A spouse or a child may be paid up to 50% of the retirement benefits monthly.


I would wish that the society reconsiders its view on the value of family which is its basic unit. The family is the basis where men and women raise their children, nurture them, and teach them other values that make them more constructive in their lives. Children are taught to keep themselves and their environment clean, an effort that promotes physical, physiological, and mental health. Through the family, a child learns to care for others and share not only physical needs but also psychological needs such as happiness and heartache. Some psychological and social benefits can only be obtained through being true to one’s heritage.

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