Progressive Delivery

Progressive Delivery Service

With the benefits of progressive delivery service, you can observe the writing process of your large and difficult academic paper. As a rule, our clients find this service beneficial when they have to handle 20-page double-spaced papers or 10-page single-spaced papers).

Main Perks of Progressive Delivery:

  1. Top professionals on our team are appointed to work on your paper;
  2. You are constantly assisted by your personal manager, who monitors whether the writer works on the paper in a diligent and consistent matter. Besides, the manager ensures effective and polite communication between you and your assigned writer;
  3. You have your paper delivered in separate paper parts (or drafts). As such, you are 100% sure that the writer used sufficient time to develop each paper section and that he/ she has not written the paper overnight;
  4. You are allowed 30 days for sending your writer free revision requests.

How Many Drafts You Are Provided?

The quantity of drafts is dependent on the overall time you provide for the paper completion.

For example, if the urgency comprises 4 days and less, you will receive one draft (after 50% the deadline has expired).

If the deadline you have pinpointed on the website is 5-11 days, then you get two drafts (after 25% and 50% of the deadline has respectively expired).

If the deadline is 12 days and more, you get three drafts (after 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline expiry).

According to the company's rules, the first draft contains 25%, the second draft contains 50%, and the third one contains 75% of the required paper volume.

Pay Extra 15% for progressive delivery service.

Clients are free to modify the schedule of receiving drafts depending on the assigned paper requirements and their personal needs.

  • Summary

A paper summary (300 words in length) is a concise and logically structured outline of the major points that were brought to discussion in the body of your paper. If you are asked to deliver an oral presentation or provide your professor or the admission committee with a report on your paper findings, this service will be beneficial.

  • Draft

You receive a one-page draft (600 words in case of a single-spaced order and 300 words in case of a double-spaced order) after 50% of the order deadline is over.

  • Extended Revision

Instead of the generally accepted 48 hours given for free revision applications, you will get 14 days available for free revision requests.