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Have you ever tried working on a reaction paper? If you have, you most probably know that it is not a very easy task as it is tricky to follow all the instructions it has. Excellent skills of critical thinking and interpretation of the learned material can ensure getting a good paper, but not every student can say that he or she has a corresponding set of skills. Academic curriculum has a lot of constituents and disregarding even some of them can cause the overall failure. You have either get all the knowledge and skills needed for completion of every assigned task or try to find an alternative solution without so much strenuous work and time needed for research and writing, instead of full social and personal life.

What Is a Reaction Paper?

It is reasonable to get down to the assignment only after you have figured out what a reaction paper actually is. Try to gain an insight into all the key characteristics of this type of paper and you will be able to excel in writing. Working on a reaction paper, you will have to present your perspectives and opinions concerning something you have read or seen. What will the professors take into account, assessing your papers? First of all, the key aspect of evaluation is the content of your reaction paper and the original nature of the ideas you express. According to the standard instructions, a reaction paper typically takes about two pages and the style of writing should be informal.

Is the structure of a reaction paper specific? It is actually a combination of conventional essay parts: an introductory part with your core premise, the body sections that express and explain your opinion, and your conclusion with the summary of the conducted analysis. It is absolutely wrong to perceive a reaction paper as one of the variants of summary writing as it is much more.

Your professors want you to react to a part of some story or a certain article to let the readers know your view of the key ideas. You should be careful with the paper instructions as some of the tasks demand responding to the whole movie, book, or article, while others request for analysis of only one part. Nevertheless, your opinion is what matters in such assignments. So, it is allowed for you to use some of your personal knowledge or experience and base your reaction on it.

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If you doubt that you can analyze the author’s ideas adequately, you can send a message like “Please, write my reaction paper” and help me survive this exam period!’ It is challenging to analyze the author’s ideas having the right focus. It is not easy to decide on the facts to include and exclude from the paper. Reading the book only one time may be insufficient and you will have to spend a lot of time again to remember the content and make more notes. The same happens with the movie, as you have to watch it twice to analyze it properly and mind the details.

You have to cover a combination of the author’s ideas and your own ideas on the read book, for instance. Clear writing is possible only with a well-written outline as it allows you to make sure all the necessary sections are included and all the thoughts are illustrated properly. All the ideas need good evidence and all of them should be accompanied by a perfect thesis statement. There is no unanimous format for your reaction paper and you may be creative in your choice. Remember that the chosen format can influence the content of your paper.

What are the most popular types of reaction papers?

  • Reaction papers of a comparative type. Writers have to provide their responses to certain material with simultaneous comparison to a particular video or text. So, the student has to make a comparison between two videos, two books, pieces of art, two articles, and so on to make a proper evaluation and draw a conclusion based on evidence.
  • Reaction papers of a personal type. The author should include his or her personal opinion here.
  • Reaction papers of an analytical type. The students have to analyze some video, text, or a part of it, having studied the essay prompts and questions asked there. It is a must here to apply the skills of analytical thinking and give your own opinion or reaction.
  • Reaction papers of an informative type. It is important to remember here that your task is to inform about the video, text, or movie and give a thorough discussion of the storyline, author’s intentions, plot, and evaluation of the studied materials.

In general, you can find writing reaction papers rather tiresome and you can feel that it takes too much of your time. Besides, you may lack your skills of evaluation, analysis, quality writing, critique, and creativity. You may make use of the option that implies reaction paper order now as you still need more practice, motivation, and resilience to cope with the task yourself. 

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In case you want to do the assignment on your own, find out all the details about the reaction paper writing. If you do not send your request ‘Please, write my reaction paper !’ to the experts, you will have to mind the content and structure of the paper yourself. It actually has a standard structure and it resembles other types of essays. Thus, an introductory part has to grab attention and make the readers interested. A hook at the very beginning of the essay would be a great idea. You may use an exciting fact, a provocative statement, or a rhetorical question for that. Besides, you will include sufficient content and certain background details. The introduction should also have a clear and strong thesis statement.

What are the stages of writing a reaction paper?

  1. write a perfect thesis statement;
  2. develop an outline;
  3. work on the draft;
  4. correct the mistakes and review the draft.

Perfect Structure of a Reaction Paper 

Part 1: Work on the initial and final parts (introduction and summary). The initial part of the paper will give general details in the paragraphs at the beginning and give a brief overview of the article, book, or movie you are supposed to react to. If you react to a certain book, do not forget to include the name of the author, the date and place of publication, the name of the publisher, and other essential details. You may add some other details or even quotes to present the paper context at a more profound level.

Part 2: Tell about your opinions, emotions, and feelings. Express your opinions and cover the main points from the movie or book, depending on the type of the paper. The paper is of analytical nature; thus, it is important to use only valid sources and expert points of view. Give your reaction and accompany it with some real-life examples, facts from your experience, etc. Organize your ideas during the evaluation and analysis of the matter. Your readers should find it easy to do website navigation. In a conclusion, get your thesis restated and lay an emphasis on the key points. Furthermore, check on the style of referencing in the instructions and stick to it throughout the paper.

Components of a Reaction Paper

  1. Introduction.
  2. The body.
  3. Conclusion.
  4. List of references.

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It may be complicated to work on reaction papers as they require a lot of time and bring challenges to the writers. They require a combination of skills needed for composing an essay, case study, and article critique papers. The students should be able to do an evaluation, work on the analysis, and inform the readers by keeping relation to their own experience as well. Get assistance in this hectic process of work on the premium-quality essays from the writers of at a fair price.

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