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Our reputable writing service is one of the most trusted on the Internet. Our success can be attributed to both the excellent quality of our editing and writing services and the values that compel us to provide a fair deal for our esteemed customers. Customers who have ordered from our easy-to-use website will tell you that working with our company is a rewarding and fruitful experience. The fact that the number of customers who proclaim themselves satisfied with our services continues to grow suggests we are getting things right. Therefore, to reward regular customers, we created an excellent affiliate program through which customers can earn great bonuses. This program makes partnering with us an even more memorable experience. Additionally, we help improve your educational performance so that you achieve the goals you have set yourself. Join our wonderful affiliate program now and allow yourself to enjoy some incredible benefits!

Here are just some of those benefits:

  • The commission we pay is very competitive;
  • Premiere support courtesy of our professional customer service managers;
  • Become one of our results-focused and successful customers;
  • Payback guaranteed.

Look Closer on the Pros You may Get from Us:

You will get a highly competitive commission;

You will join the team of our successful and goal-oriented customers;

You will get premium support from our managers;

You will receive the guaranteed payback.

The following are the steps needed to get your earnings underway:

  • Become a customer of, which means submitting an order via our company’s website;
  • Join our attractive affiliate program;
  • Receive a link from us with a promotional code, which you can send to your fellow students and friends;
  • Receive a commission equal to 10% of the total cost of each order your referrals place;
  • Use the bonus money to pay for future orders.

A note to affiliates:  We are one of the leading custom writing services in our marketplace. Therefore, you may be confident your peers and friends will very much appreciate you introducing our services to them. Your referral will allow your friends to find out more about the beneficial service we offer and to get generous bonuses. The purpose behind our affiliate scheme is quite clear. By simply recommending to fellow students, friends and people you know who are likely to find our writing service useful, you receive excellent bonuses.

What Guarantees Do You Get from

To start with, we pay you a commission equal to 10% from each order someone you recommend places. You can turn our writing services to your advantage by spreading the word to your acquaintances and friends. Our appreciation of you as a loyal customer is demonstrated through a system of rewards.

The second thing we guarantee is that everyone who orders from us as a result of your referral receives a discount of 17% discount the first time they place an order. They simply need to apply a unique promotional code that you forward to them when completing the order form. The cost of their order will be automatically reduced.

Take the Following Steps to Receive Your Bonus:

Take the Following Steps to Start Earning
With Our Writing Service:

Become our customer by placing an order on our website;

Become a member of our affiliate program;

Get an individual link with a promo code that will be sent to your friends and classmates;

Get your 10% commission from the amount of the order placed by each referral;

Pay for the next orders using the bonuses received.

  • Begin by logging into your account and find the “Affiliate Program” section. You will see a special promo code, an email address form, and a link you can circulate to people you know.
  • Share this link with your acquaintances/friends.
  • Our site keeps track of everyone who uses the promotional code or link you sent them.
  • Once they use the code or activate the referral link, those you have recommended will get directed to our company’s orders page. There, they can submit a first-time order.
  • The referral discount is automatically applied.

*The following field ‘My referrals’ emails’ is where you insert the email address of anyone you refer. Placing referrals’ email addresses in this field enables them to get details of our company’s products and services. The link to your affiliate membership gets connected to your referrals’ email addresses.

The Advantages of Our Affiliate Program for Students

Our affiliate program was created to provide customers with generous bonuses whenever someone they refer to uses our writing services. Bonuses stay in the customer’s account and can be used to pay for orders. If the cost of an order exceeds the amount of bonus money you have collected, the excess can be paid out of your own money.

Any bonus money you collect is yours. It can be spent to order more services from us or it can be withdrawn using Wire Transfer or PayPal.

We want our affiliate program to be a benefit you enjoy. Do not miss the opportunity to earn extra money via our writing service!

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