APA editing services can be very difficult at times, especially when one has a large text to proofread or edit. When editing is concerned, it is important to read and fully understand the entire text and to edit its weakest areas without altering the main idea or any of the major parts of the text. Students are not professional editors or writers. They do not have experience in academic proofreading nor academic editing. Typically, it can take up to an entire hour to properly edit only 1 page of dense text. Most of the time, the document contains many more than 1 page, so eventually, the editing process will end up taking 24 hours or more. There are circumstances under which editing takes even more time than the writing of the paper does.

There is another, better way to proceed so that you do not have to spend so much time editing a paper. This is important in the overall scheme of things since the professor will most likely only read each paper for 5-7 minutes. Gold-Essays.com provides a much better way to complete editing.

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The Gold-Essays.com website is a great venue for students that need professional editing done at prices they can afford. Our custom essay writing service was created to give students the confidence needed to succeed in their academic writing projects. Our professional editors have years of experience in working with essays and other types of academic writing. We also employ professional proofreaders who know exactly what they are doing. Students can turn their most important academic writing assignments over to us, and we will take care of them without fail, every time, regardless of their length or level of complexity.

The Most Reliable and Best-Trusted APA Editing Services

Our professional high school, university, college essay review service keeps to the highest and well-established standards and scrupulously checks all the elements of academic writing, including text organization, word choice, style, spelling, punctuation, grammar, format, etc. Not a single error is ever overlooked by our experienced specialists. Therefore, our company is preferred and chosen both by professional and sophisticated researchers and modern students. Whether you have a custom essay paper, a scientific article, a speech, a dissertation, or a thesis, errors of any kind should be avoided by all means. If your work is to be published in the nearest future in a respected scientific journal, the mistakes are unacceptable. Thus, in case you do not know how to edit an essay or any other piece of writing, take into account that you can always refer to our academic writing company.

To avoid various unpleasant situations or issues where you can be ashamed of your errors, you may have your paper revised, edited, or proofread by our team of highly qualified experts and ensure that it is of superb quality. Our best paper editing services comprise many stages of thorough checking, such as referencing or bibliography check, proofreading, format corrections, plagiarism check, language improvements, etc. The following procedure guarantees the utmost effectiveness and may turn your work into a perfect masterpiece.

Find Out the Key Differences between Editing and Proofreading

For any modern researcher, it is of great importance to recognize the differences between editing and proofreading. Although the following processes are some similarities in their nature and are supposed to fix the errors, they have evident differences that are worth noting. If you are seeking “editing vs. proofreading” on the internet, the following info will be heuristic for you.

Note that editing is a more complex and thorough check as it supposes a stylistic or linguistic assessment of a specific text as well as its revisions or reviews. It does not only imply fixing grammatical or spelling errors but also changing the text content. The essential purpose of editing is to make a certain text clearer and more understandable for future readers. For example, the lack of clear and smooth transitions, or intricate sentences, may harm the general text understanding. Thus, the following points are frequently improved by the professional and highly qualified academic editor.

If compared with editing, proofreading is regarded as a less time-consuming and complicated process as it is aimed at checking the work for any grammatical or spelling mistakes, typos, etc. The following step is u undertaken whenever the final draft of the work is composed and edited. As it is an essential stage of the process of academic writing, proofreading is required for the researchers to ensure that nothing is omitted or overlooked.

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In case you have composed the text, it is recommended to get it proofread by a professional with the needed experience, as it is more likely that such a person is capable of finding and fixing your errors.

The items indicated below are always checked and fixed while proofreading any text:

  • Grammar;
  • Consistent notation;
  • Spelling;
  • Punctuation;
  • Typography (quotation marks, apostrophes, hyphens or dashes, indentations, etc.);
  • Punctuation.

As evident, both the proofreading and editing stages are very significant for improving the quality of a specific piece of writing. If you are eager to obtain the highest mark for your work, you spend a great amount of time on the following processes. When editing any piece of writing, you should put your considerations into impeccable and unique style to make your work easy to understand and coherent for your readers. While proofreading your work, ensure to fix all grammatical, typographical, or orthographical mistakes. It should be noted that proofreading is aimed at a scrupulous examination of the work in search of any word choice, grammatical, style, punctuation, or any other errors that undermine the general text quality. Unlike editing, in the majority of cases, proofreading does not require reshaping or restructuring the text or changing its content. However, some structures can be reviewed or rearranged; the outline of the work is usually kept to. Whenever it comes to editing, researchers ought to focus on other aspects, such as the flow of the work and organization of the ideas. To edit the paper very carefully and accordingly, you should read it aloud a few times to fix all its logical inconsistencies, the grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, if there are any made.

  • 12 pt. Times New Roman
  • Double-spaced/Single-spaced papers
  • 300 words/page
  • 1 inch margins
  • Any citation style
  • Up-to-date sources only
  • Fully referenced papers
  • Quality research and writing
  • 24/7/365 Live support
  • MA, BA, and PhD degree writers
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • No hidden charges
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  • FREE title page
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Advantages of Referring to Our Professional and Experienced Academic Writing Company

  • Premium-class resume editing service only.
  • Our sophisticated and qualified editors, who have plenty of knowledge of, as well as experience and expertise in editing and proofreading various pieces of academic writing in a wide range of fields of science are always on alert to provide supreme-quality assistance and support. They always keep to each remark or requirement indicated by our clients and edit or proofread each piece of academic writing to the best of their capabilities.
  • Confidentiality & Privacy. We guarantee that the information provided by our clients is always best secured and protected. We do not reveal it to other uninvolved third parties in the process of our cooperation. Privacy and anonymity are guaranteed.
  • Reasonable and Affordable Prices. Our profound academic writing company always does all possible and sometimes impossible so that each customer will be capable of affording our professional academic writing services. It is imperative to our professional and trusted company that our customers get excellent quality at reasonable prices. To clear out how much your paper might cost so that our editors edit or proofread it, sign up and select any editor that will suit your requirements, preferences, or needs. Choose the editors or proofreaders based on their criteria, reviews, rating, degree, or academic level.
  • Experienced, Sophisticated, and Highly Qualified Proofreaders and Editors
  • Our company has been cooperating with English-speaking experts who have either Ph.D. or Master’s degrees in different fields of science or subjects that comprise Law, Literature, Applied Physics, Linguistics, Algebra, Environmental Studies, Chemistry, Natural Studies, Medicine, Healthcare, Theoretical Physics, Astronomy, History, IT, Computer Engineering, Psychology, Anthropology, etc. They are capable of proofreading, editing, or formatting your research papers, coursework papers, dissertations, theses, application letters, custom essays, CVs, resumes, etc. Therefore, our company guarantees that your piece of academic writing will be errors and plagiarism-free.
  • Round-the-clock Support. Our professional and reliable academic writing company is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • Money-back Policy. Our company would like to note that if due to different reasons, you are not satisfied with our proofreading, editing, or formatting help, even after numerous revisions composed within the first 48 hours after the paper has been delivered, you may request a total refund.
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Exceptional and Highly Professional APA Editing Services: Key Hints and Tips

  1. Whenever you order our proofreading or editing services, you can always relax and have some peace.
  2. Avoid different distractions. You are capable of forgetting about chatting with your close friends or seeing your favorite TV shows as you should maximally be focused whenever editing your work. We guarantee that by emphasizing other things, you will be incapable of finding all errors and improving the quality of your work.
  3. Read your ready paper aloud. Once looking into your work, you will not grasp where the problems are. You need to read your paper scrupulously, sentence by sentence, paragraph after paragraph, and notice every piece that seems irrelevant, wrong, or awkward. It is advised to read your work several times as only the professional and detailed attitude to proofreading and editing your piece of writing may lead to the desired grades.
  4. If you need to, you may divide the process of editing into several stages. At the first one, you should notice all the logical flaws, then you should check all the mechanical mistakes; at the next stage, you should check punctuation errors, etc.
  5. Ask your friends or relatives to look into your work. One extra pair of eyes is great but two are much better. Ask your friends to be as objective as possible and inform you about all the problematic issues.
  6. Learn from your errors committed. Consider that editing your work is not only about correcting your mistakes but also about analyzing and learning from them. Therefore, when coming across some mistakes, read some rules, and try to comprehend why you have committed them. The following approach always helps you not to make the same mistakes in the future.
  7. The correctness of formatting should be checked. We assure you that proper formatting of your work is an essential part of your future grades and you ought not to underestimate this issue.

Editing any piece of academic writing can turn out a very challenging, effort-consuming, and time-consuming process than completing it. If you consider that you are incapable of fixing all errors in your work, it is reasonable to seek professional specialists and delegate the following assignment to them. Take into account that our professional APA editing services are aimed at providing the best results ever. We always assist you in submitting only premium-class papers and gain the highest grades.

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