How to Write a Business Essay

This is your guide to writing an A+ or 2:1 business essay for university.

No matter if you major in Business Administration, Marketing, Business Accounting, or any other related discipline, you can always develop a perfect business essay that will impress your tutor. We have developed these guidelines for everyone who wants to excel in business essay writing but does not know where to begin. We have filled our blog with numerous examples to make it all much easier for you. Do not forget that the best business essay incorporates rich evidence from multiple sources, which is properly cited and referenced according to your professor’s formatting requirements.

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Three Easy Steps to Write a Business Essay

These are the steps that you should follow before you sit down to write your paper.

  1. Review the question thoroughly and understand its meaning. Here, your task is to determine what is expected from you. What is the information that you must provide to answer the question? What are the keywords that you see in the essay question? These may include “illustrate”, “explain”, “analyze”, or “describe”, etc. For example, your essay question may be “explain the impacts of globalization on firms in the 21st century.” As a result, you will have to “explain” rather than simply list the different changes that occur to firms in response to globalization. If you do not have any essay question, you will be free to choose a topic that you want to discuss in your paper. Make sure that it is not too broad. Make a specific question and answer it, using evidence.
  2. Do research. This is an important part of excellent research writing. A perfect business essay is impossible without applying evidence and knowledge from external sources. However, when doing your research, limit yourself to the most credible academic sources. Use online scholarly databases that are available through your university’s website. Use Google Scholar, Questia, or any other source that provides easy access to quality information on various business topics. Sometimes, you may need to do primary research. For example, if you major in Marketing, you may need to do survey research of the current or future product consumers. At the same time, if you use external sources, do not forget to credit their authors for their contribution to your paper. Include a properly formatted in-text citation whenever you cite a different author and provide a list of references at the end of your paper. It must include all references that you mentioned in the body of your paper at least once.
  3. Develop an outline. You cannot write a great business essay if you do not know how to organize your thoughts. There is plenty of information on almost every business topic, so your task is to deliver a coherent and properly organized response. Create a brief outline and follow it when writing the first draft of your business essay. Your outline should include the key points that you plan to cover in your work. Gather additional information to address each aspect of your business topic. Be ready to write a brilliant business essay today.
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How to Write a Business Essay

Now you have everything needed to start writing the first draft of your business essay. You will need to follow the correct format for your business paper. All recommendations are outlined below. You do not have to include all elements and components from this sample outline, but you should be very consistent in your efforts to avoid logical pitfalls in your argument.


Provide a background understanding of the topic or the question that you are to answer. You will have to explain the significance of the topic and tell your readers how you plan to investigate or address it. A good business essay will have a clearly defined question and objective. What is the task that you plan to accomplish? Inform your readers, so that they know what to expect from your paper.


Incorporate some basic information about the problem or topic of your choice. For example, if you are writing about workplace hostility, what is it and how prevalent is it?

Results or Findings

The main body of your business essay will provide your readers with a complete and comprehensive understanding of the topic. You will share the results of your research logically and systematically. Make sure that you approach your topic from several different perspectives. Also, do not forget that different authors may have different opinions about the topic, and you are in a position to consider and respect all of them. Try to see the similarities and differences between them. If you take a position, be ready to defend it and anticipate disagreement. Whenever you cite a source, use quotation marks for a direct quotation and include an in-text citation for every indirect mention of external data. Use as many references as required by your professor to meet your course requirements.


Now you can write a conclusion. Here you will summarize your findings, wrap up your argument, and offer suggestions for future research and practice. Tell your readers if you believe that the current research provides a good answer to the question and outline areas for future analysis.

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No matter if you followed APA, Harvard, or Oxford for references, you will have to design a properly formatted references list (or bibliography, or both). Make sure that you have followed the required formatting style consistently throughout the body of your paper.


You may also include appendices if required by your tutor. If you have extensive quantitative data, many graphs, or too many numbers to fit them all in the body of your paper, move them to appendices, but do not forget to mention them in your paper.

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Edit and Proofread Your Essay Now

Once you are done with the first draft of your paper, you can print it out for review. A list of questions below can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide you with guidance as you are working to refine your draft.

  • Have you provided enough information to answer the question?
  • Have you included only the most relevant data?
  • Have you incorporated relevant evidence from credible data sources?
  • Have you included citations and references for each source used?
  • Have you written in clear and understandable language?
  • Have you checked your spelling and grammar?

These are just some of the very basic questions to answer when editing the first draft of your business essay. You will have to go through this procedure over and over again until your business essay is perfect. Then you will be ready to submit your paper for grading.