What Is an MBA Essay

What Is an MBA Essay and How to Make It Effective

The notion MBA essay is often interchanged with an MBA admission essay and an MBA application essay. Producing such academic work is one of the stages of the admission procedure. It serves as a basis for such application items as a resume, recommendation letter, scores achieved for standardized tests, etc.

Why It Is Required to Create an MBA Essay

There are always a vast number of application papers the admission boards have to look through. The problem is that the number of places in the MBA classes is limited meaning that not all applicants will have an opportunity to enroll in the desired course. The situation is especially critical when it goes about the most popular MBA programs.

A lot of those applying to business schools are efficient MBA applicants. They have extensive expertise that is considered very valuable for completing an MBA program successfully, high test scores, and excellent grades. However, to pick ingenious applicants, admission officers require something more than just information about students’ grades. This the major reason for creating an MBA essay. By reading your piece of writing the members of the admission committee will be able to learn more about you. Your essay will make you stand out among the number of other applicants.

Why It Is Unnecessary to Produce an MBA Essay

Not each educational establishment demands students submit such type of paper. Several business schools define an MBA essay as optional.

You do not have to compose such academic work if it is not stated in the requirements provided by a specific school. However, if it is said that writing an MBA essay is optional, you do need to create it. You should not waste a wonderful chance to show that you are superior to other candidates.

How Long Is an MBA Essay?

Some educational institutions are very strict about the number of words an MBA essay should consist of.

For instance, you may need to produce an essay one or several pages long. In case it is clearly stated how many words your paper should include, mind to stick to the given guidelines. If you are required to create an essay one page in length, do not exceed the established limit. Follow the provided directions to the letter.

If the exact word count is not defined, you are free to set the length of your paper on your own. Nevertheless, you do have to stick to a particular number of words. Remember that it is easier to deal with a short piece of writing than a lengthy one. The best option is to prepare a 5-paragraph essay. If you cannot provide all the necessary information within such a word limit, you may write a longer academic work. Still, it should not be more than three pages long. You should understand that the admission officers read hundreds of application papers. They have no time for endless works. Besides, a concise paper is direct proof of your ability to express your thoughts clearly.

General Formatting Rules

When writing an MBA essay, it is necessary to set 1-inch margins on all sides to make a text arranged properly. It is also required to choose an easy-to-read font.

Avoid using some crazy fonts. You may use Georgia or Times New Roman. However, some letters look awkward when typed in these fonts. The best way is to select such fonts as Calibri or Arial.

Format of a 5-Paragraph Essay

A lot of essays no matter their type have a 5-paragraph structure. Thus, your paper has to be constructed in the following way:

  • Introduction (one paragraph)
  • Body (three paragraph)
  • Conclusion (one paragraph)

Note that every paragraph should include about three or seven sentences. You should strive to make the paragraphs of the same size. For instance, if your introductory paragraph includes six sentences, the following one should not contain only two sentences and vice versa.

Besides, when creating your piece of writing, it is of crucial importance to use transitions to connect both sentences and paragraphs. Transition words will make your essay coherent. Thus, it will be easier for readers to understand its key points.

Note that an opening paragraph should begin with a catchy statement to attract readers’ attention. For example, think of your favorite books. What do they begin with? How the author manages to interest you in the story? Certainly, your MBA essay has a non-fictional character. However, it should be written by applying the same rule. Your introduction should also include a thesis statement highlighting the main idea of your paper.

The essay body should provide detailed and useful information about the discussed subject. This section should present accurate data and powerful arguments supporting a thesis statement. The body is a fundamental part of your paper. That is why you have to pay meticulous attention to composing each of its paragraphs. Keep in mind that you need to be objective. If your essay contains any irrelevant data, remove it.

The role of a conclusion is, to sum up, the ideas discussed in your paper and restate their key points. Bear in mind that you should not provide new facts about the matter in this section.

Printed and Emailed Version of Your MBA Essay

If need to print off your piece of writing, remember to use plain white paper only. It is not recommended to use any patterned, colored, or any other kind of paper, as it is not suitable for application papers. What is more, do not use any sparkles, colored ink, or any other bright details that can make your work different from others.

If you need to send your paper via email, stick to the guidelines given by the school you are applying to. In case you are required to send your essay together with other application elements via email, you have to do it. You should not send your work in a separate letter (unless stated by the instructions), as it may be delivered to the wrong recipient. One more tip is to send your essay in the correct file format.

Selecting a Topic

Usually, students are given a topic or a question they need to examine. Nonetheless, some educational establishments give students lists of topics and let them decide what subject to investigate on their own.

If you are allowed to choose a topic for your paper by yourself, try to make the right choice and pick the subject which you will be able to explore properly. For example, you may write a paper that will show how you can meet different challenges and take control of complicated situations, etc.

You should know that you may be asked to write a few essays at once. Additionally, you may be given a chance to submit an “extra essay” that does not usually have any instructions or a specific topic. Thus, you are free to produce your paper about any subject which you are interested in.

No matter the chosen topic, your essay should include relevant material only. Keep in mind that your MBA should be a tool for presenting yourself to the admission committee.

The Most Popular Topics for an MBA Essay

As it has been said, the majority of business schools provide their applicants with the topics for their MBA essays. It goes without saying that each educational institution offers specific topics. However, there are common topics that are usually provided by all business schools. For example:

  • Why apply to this educational establishment?
  • What are your career aspirations?
  • Why have you decided to obtain a degree?
  • How the gained knowledge can help you achieve your objectives?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are your greatest achievements?
  • Do you have any regrets?
  • What complex situations have you faced?
  • What do you have a keen interest in?
  • What are your peculiar features?
  • Why do you think you possess remarkable leadership skills?
  • Why do you desire to get an MBA degree?
  • How can you contribute to the chosen educational program?