Explain the office interactions, which were played out in the film.

“Swimming with Sharks” plunges into the cutthroat world of Hollywood through the eyes of Guy, an aspiring film professional, as he navigates the volatile waters of working for studio executive Buddy Ackerman. The film peels back the glamorous veneer of the movie industry to reveal a toxic workplace dynamic, where power plays and manipulation are the orders of the day. This review takes a deep dive into the tumultuous relationship between Guy and Buddy, unpacking the film’s commentary on ambition, power, and the high-stakes environment of Hollywood’s executive suites.

Explain what the other person did, how did your person reacted.

My person watched the whole incident and therefore my person told him that he did not have brain at the moment when was handing in a written material. My person knocked the off the paper off his hands before pronouncing the words which my person thought best described the young man. In another scenario, while Guy is on duty, he is both talking on phone and with another lady, something which annoys my person since he regards this behavior as lack of seriousness at work. Guy needs a free working environment without undue pressure from his boss. Guy’s unacceptable transaction with Stella which Guy says he did unknowingly. This annoys his boss so much and he abuses Guy shamelessly in the office.

Explain what your person did and how the other person reacted

My person gives unclear instructions to Guy to be given and a sweet. When Guy brings what my person does need he hurls verbal abuses at him saying that Guy should shut up, listen and learn. Guy did not overreact but remained emotionally stable. He tried faking a smile to hide his anger but it didn’t work out for long for that seems to annoy his boss the more. All these are expected in an office where work must be done and the trainees have to learn what they need to by all means. After the unacceptable transaction with Stella which led to Guy’s abuse, Guy still controlled him and never answered back the boss back. At one point, Buddy, becomes so angry with Guy and slaps a big book on his face followed by hurling stationeries on his face. Guy does not fight back but escapes out of the office. Guy is later fed up with the torturous behavior, goes to his house, ties him up and begins his painful revenge. My person could not defend himself since he was helpless.

Take and share the blame for actions as needed.

The ill and unhealthy relationship that persisted between my person and Guy was not a secret but was witnessed by staff, especially, Guy’s lover. We actually took no action to solve the issue. The ultimate result is the uncalled for revenge which could have been avoided by my person, Guy, Guy’s lover, the witness of all that ever happened and other members of staff. Office problems should be addressed as soon as they are perceived.

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Recommendations for how things could get better in the office.

Guy needs to learn and understand Buddy’s language. Since the boss sees it better not to communicate with Guy directly but do so using hint when he wants things done, Guy has no option but to follow that.

In addition to his ability to maintaining respect and good listening skills, Guy needs to be competent and active at work. This will help him to be more focused so as to do all tasks at the right time and according to the boss’s demands.

The boss needs to uphold the rights of his junior employees hence treat them in a humane way which is without abuses. His personality may make it difficult to be behaving otherwise, but a leader is expected to control his emotions and promote ethical values spelt out in his immediate office.

Buddy needs to practice and maintain a proper and clear communication culture which would make it easier for Guy and other junior staff to understand what needs to be done (Media & Norman, n.d.).

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