Navigating the world of restaurant and bar management in the U.S. is a journey through an ever-evolving landscape, marked by changing consumer preferences and the continuous need for innovation. Despite projections of slow growth from 2008-2018, the sector promises vibrant career opportunities thanks to industry turnover. With an average annual salary of $48,130 in 2010, the role of a restaurant or bar manager is not just rewarding but crucial in orchestrating the gastronomic experience, blending culinary art with business acumen.

Bar and restaurant managers generally oversee on a daily basis the operations within a bar and restaurant establishment, managing the inventory, performing recruitment decisions and most importantly making certain that customers are contented with the service offered and dining experience. The manager handles a large sum amount of cash, therefore, he/she has to have good math skills and more so exceptional communication skills (Hill pp 71).

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Job Description

The crucial position in any bar and restaurant is mainly that of the manager since they have the fundamental roles, duties, and responsibilities within the establishment for its daily running. The qualifications necessary to become a restaurant and bar manager consist of basics, like organization and people skills amongst others. Nevertheless, depending mainly on the establishment’s size and the conception of a bar and restaurant, the candidates may perhaps require a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or business or even both. The role of a bar and restaurant manager covers a wide scope of duties including employing and firing whereby the manager is charged with hiring new personnel and also terminating undesirables, particularly in the front department.

The manager is also tasked with ordering inventory which comprises of front department items like a restaurant and bars dishware, cleaning supplies, and paper napkins. It is as well the duty of the manager to check on the stock and supplies of wine, beer, and liquor for the restaurant bar. The ordering of liquor and food is signed off by the manager so as to ensure that it’s contained in the budget. Staff scheduling falls under the docket of the manager where he/she makes the weekly timetable for all employees and ensuring that each and every shift is covered. It’s more so his/her duty to consent to requests for days off plus deciding which personnel is liable for working the slow or busy shifts (Hill pp.72)

In the restaurants which offer catering services, the manager is responsible for room booking, scheduling events, and organizing the personnel who will work them. Customer service is quite vital in the food and beverages service industry and therefore the restaurant and bar management requires a candidate who is excellent in customer service. He/she has to have the capacity to train the human resources into having outstanding customer service delivery and ensure that the customers depart from the bar and restaurant while happy for the services received.

The manager is liable for directing the establishment into enacting marketing and advertising campaigns. It is their role to supervise the budget, placement of adverts in the media, and make updates on social networks/media such as twitter, facebook or even company website. Promotional ideas within the bar and restaurant can also be formulated by the manager. The manager is also responsible for bookkeeping where he/she takes care of the day after day business reviews and ensuring that the nightly and daily deposits are invoiced properly. Seemingly a bar and restaurant ought to have skills in problem-solving since issues with new stuff and disgruntled customers always arise (Hill pp 73).


The Restaurant and Bar Manager gives assistance and leadership to the establishment’s General Manager so as to make certain that every person is community connected, a team focused, and guest focused. The qualifications of the post of bar and restaurant manager comprise of at least two years retail or restaurant management experience preferably in the post of an assistant manager or a post of its equivalence. Educational requirements are that the applicant ought to have at least degree in business management or hospitality management or even an associate course in restaurant and hotel management. A certificate in food service supervision will be an added advantage and class C license. The candidate should be guest focused, extremely comfy in working in lofty volume operations and possessing hands-on organization style.

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Majority of bar and restaurant managers in the country receive salaries instead of hourly wages and their yearly income is variable depending on the location, concept, and size of a restaurant establishment. For instance, larger cities like Arizona and Phoenix offer a salary of USD 73, 000 while North Carolina and Charlotte give a median salary of over USD 84, 000 annually. With respect to experience, the starting salary of a manager can be USD 50,000 while a fast food bar and restaurant the starting salary can be as low as USD 20,000 to 25,000 annually. Managing chain restaurants like Chili’s or Applebee’s is great as they offer benefits and an annual salary of USD 50,000 (What Is the Salary Range for a Restaurant Manager (n.p.)). The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US indicates that in 2011 restaurant managers earned between USD 52, 620 and 55, 490 annually (Food Service Managers (n.p.)).

In the U.S., there are several professional organizations which the bar and restaurant managers could join and they include: the National Restaurant Association (NRA), American Culinary Federation, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, National Bartenders Association, and National Bar & Restaurant Management Association (NBRMA) among others (Restaurant and Foodservice Organizations and Associations n.p.). The major bar and restaurant companies which hire people in this career line include the Le Bernardin restaurant, Eleven Madison Park restaurant, and Jean Georges restaurant amongst others (Jernigan, n.p.).

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